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Putting your sleep worries to sleep! πŸ™Œ.

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Since I posted on here about a week ago about natural sleep remedies, I am steadily making my way through suggestions from you guys!Β 

I thought I would list people's suggestions so they are in one post? Β Here goes:

⭐. Open a window - fresh air.       ⭐ Lavender drops on pillow.      ⭐ Hot bath

⭐  Turn off devices.   ⭐. Exercise.     ⭐ Camomile based tea.    ⭐ Passion flower.

⭐. ASMR video - utube.

earthpixie & Rachel299 (sorry, I meant RodeoJoe ) suggested it ASMR and it is great. I hope they can put the link on here again as I don't know how to? Sorry! 😘

Even when in the best of health it can be so frustrating, upsetting, and annoying if someone next to you is sleeping soundly and you can't!?  😀 Or having breakfast with whoever the next day and them saying "I had such a good sleep last night!". " I slept like a log!". "I went out like a light!" Β "I feel SO refreshed!" πŸ˜•Β 


I can't think of anymore funny phrases, add to the list if you have one and lets send smiles around this great forum!?!


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try that one......remember...headphones only...3d sound....bit funny at first hearing as you get convinced she is there.......right behind you....

loads on youtube.....just go on there and in search type in asmr.....this one is very popular....


plenty of others, nature sounds, sea, rain, waterfalls......

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grace111 in reply to earthpixie

that would drive me insane. listening to her. i think they are all having a good laugh at her.

I put on some relaxation music, 2 hours later felt like launching it through the window, still trying to find the magic key for better sleep.

I hope you find something that works for you. Are you trying other things too? It is frustrating isn't it?


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grace111 in reply to buddymac48


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grace111 in reply to buddymac48


dont think anyone's mentioned melatonin... which appears to work for a lot of people

How often do you do melation? I've never heard of of before. I'll Google it later. What does it entail briefly?

I've been doing meditation for a good few days now and no joke, I've just woken up from a 16yr sleep! πŸ™Œ It tales time doesn't it?

earthpixie suggestions are really helpful for me, not only to fall asleep but to help with the quality of my sleep.

Thanks for your post! It will be useful for other people maybe buddymac48 ?


Sorry briccolone. I mean to spell melatonin. My concentration is not the same anymore as I'm sure some people will realise when mistakenly making spelling errors! πŸ˜€


hi,reading about Melatonin supplements, will give this a go.

Nice one! Let us know!

Take care


Not sure how available in the UK ? If you have problems let me know and I'll source some

I've looked at sleepfoundation.org - sleep topics. briccolone Would you source some others please? It does appear to be good. Cheers!


Hi whitefeather, I'm not the best sleeper and my mother is pretty dire (but expects that given her age - 86). A friend of mine has suggested a 'delta wave' soundtrack but I've yet to try it. Here's the link though....


Let me know if you (or anyone else) try it and how it goes. Take care. Adele

Thanks, Adele! πŸ‘

I'm sure people will read your post and let us know how they get on when they give it a go.

How long have you and your mother had trouble sleeping? Have you tried anything else in the past? Mine has been since my illness.


Hi whitefeather, I have to admit to never being a great sleeper - probably better when I was working (up at 5.00 am and not back home until around 7.30-8.00 pm) so probably slept more through exhaustion then! Recent years though have been a bit hit and miss. Possibly down to very low levels of stress and we do a lot more travelling so lots of new environments with varying degrees of peace and quiet and light restriction - so I'm sure that has a bit of an impact. My mum's issue probably stems from my dad's demise a few years ago and linked to stress over recently diagnosed lung cancer (even though treatment has reduced it substantially and it's not getting worse). Problem I have with my mum is her lack of willingness to do much about it. Despite her doctor and all the family support to help. I'm not overly worried about my lack of sleep as I can pick up an hour or so during the day if I feel the need - more concerned about my mother not taking heed of very good advice and medical assistance. Still it would be nice to sleep through the night regularly - but I'm not expecting any miracles here! I might give the lavender drops a go though....then slowly work through others! Take care. Adele

Hi Adele.

Just to let you know that friends suggestion of Delta wave has and is working great.

Thanks so much x

Thanks White-feather. I'll let her know and I must give it a try myself!!! xx

melatonin is widely available in europe for helping sleep patterns -certaibly helepd somebody I know with liver cancer. Melatonin occurs naturally in the body but the additives assist.

Whoops!!! There I go again! I meant 16hour sleep not 16 yrs! Lol πŸ˜•


Premier transplant I used sunglasses that specifically blocked blue light. I wore them indoors from about 5pm ( yes it did look silly ) this fools the brain into preparing for sleep so by 11 or 12 you can get a more normal sleep pattern. It works on the natural melatonin production. My Amazon fire tablet does the same, you make the screen blue light free at night so your brain doesn't get confused and think it's daytime and not time to sleep. Jim

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White-feather in reply to LAJ123

Thanks Jim! I never thought of changing the screen. I have an Amazon fire too. Funny, I was talking to my husband only yesterday about getting some sunglasses! Many thanks :-) Are you still practising these?

Predictive text ! Premier transplant should have read pre transplant.

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White-feather in reply to LAJ123

Don't worry about predictive text! I knew what you meant! Lol!

Enjoy the sun! :-)

Ps how's Lucy?

Mind you - it seems that predictive text had a Freudian slip it was indeed a "premier transplant. "

Thank you for asking. Lucy is improving steadily and expects to return to work maybe next week although she has been working from home most of her time " off sick "! We're having next weekend in Bognor where I have a flat. a bit of sea air might help.

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White-feather in reply to LAJ123

The sea air, Jim! Now there's the perfect sleep remedy!!! Lol! πŸ˜€

Best wishes to you and Lucy.


marijuana would be my best advice,in conjunction with some chillax music-sioux chants/whale songs/south American pipe music,best.

I HAD a friend who always used to say "Oh I'll sleep tonight " it was so upsetting 😬

Absolutely, Grace111 πŸ˜€. How about "Blimey! You look shattered! Are you not sleeping??" Aaaarrrhhhhhh! 😦

I have really vivid dreams too, do you? I have always remembered my dreams but these are SO realistic!

Take care of yourself 🌼


Post transplant my dreams have been very vivid and frightening. I woke from one convinced my donor had taken over my thoughts and dreams - of course I wasn't properly awake, but it was very real at the time and very scary.

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White-feather in reply to LAJ123

I know exactly what you mean. I have had a number of conversations with Matt about me being asthmatic but I am not! I ended up going through Drs notes to belive that it was a dream. Matt could tell you loads! Gone are the days when people said 'sweet dreams!' do you have them regularly? I have them about 4x a week give or take.


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LAJ123 in reply to White-feather

It's pretty much every night. Often I'm fully aware its a dream which isn't so bad but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between dream and reality. Very much like the morphine induced hallucinations when I was in intensive care. I'm assuming its the anti rejection medication. Its listed in the side effects.

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White-feather in reply to LAJ123

I'm somewhat relieved that I've found somebody in the same boat! Many thanks LAJ123 !

Wishes to you & Lucy πŸ˜‰


i quite like doing body scans when i go to bed. i lie on the matttres and get comfy. then i think of my back and how it feels against the mattress and i imagine that i am lying on a sandy beach and that my back is very heavy and leaving an imprint on the sand. i think of all of my body on the sand and i think of each side and say to myself does your left side of your back feel more on the sand than your right side. then i go through all of my limbs, arms legs hips everywhere and i think of each side of how its lying on the sand and then compare it to the other side. as if your doing all this mind concentration work then you cant start thinking or worrying. then i start at the top of my head relaxing the muscles on my forhead and scalp and imagine my skin on my face melting down into the sand. i do all of my face my lips nose ears and also imagine that my eyes have sunk gently into their sockets. then i work my way down my neck, front and back my shoulders and i dont just skim over them quickly i really take my time thinking about how my muscles are relaxing and melting into the bed. i do this all the way down to my feet as the feet are the furthest away you can get from your head where all the thinking takes place and sometimes i do fall asleep but even if i dont fall asleep i feel so relaxed and i can feel as if i have really let go of my body. as many of us, myself included are lying down in bed but we have not let go of our muscle tensions. the thing is i didnt realize that until i felt myself letting go. and the body works wonders with suggestion and thoughts. just think what it woud feel like to drink a cup of bitter lemon juice and see how that affects us. yes the body loves to be spoken to and works wonders with thoughts and images and suggestions that our muslces are releasing and lenghthening. sorry about the spelling. i hope you could give this a try white feather. and i hope at the very least that it relaxes you. sometimes i do it in the afternoon just to get some relaxation and feel refreshed. love grace xoxoxoπŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

Hi Grace. Sorry about delay. I hope you are OK. Thank you very much for your reply, you have written it in a very readable way.

Yes, I shall certainly try it as it sounds very therapeutic.

Apopologies for a short reply but I'm so very tired.

Catch up soon x

oh dear white feather are you still not getting a decent sleep. that is really awful. yes please try this little exercise i'v posted i hope it works for you. have you any idea why you cant sleep. do you have trouble falling asleep do you wake up not long after you fall asleep or in the early hours of the morning as our sleep patterns can reveal some of what the problems might be. i remember i could not go to sleep at night at all. the only time i could sleep was when it was daylight and people were up and about. i am a lot better now at getting to sleep now that i have learned how to relax my body. that was one of my problems i just could not let go as i was terrified i was not going to wake up again. so i had to wait until daylight when people were up and about as i felt safer then as someone would rescue me. i also had a very dependant personality at that time. it was because of my childhood. i call it cause and effect. i do hope that you find out what is stopping you getting a good sleep as i now love going to bed and relaxing as it was the one big thing i could never do. god bless you dear. love grace. xoxoxo πŸ’ž

Hi Grace.

My hepatologist said disturbed sleep patterns are normal for liver disease. I don't mind waking up at silly hours (it's 2.50am). It's just the tiredness hits back at me with an hour or so. I thought I had it sorted when trying the suggestions that kind people had put on here, but now I'm having HE episodes which bring sleep problems on again.

I wish you well.

I look forward to trying your suggestion.

Take care. 🌻

im so sorry to hear that. thankfully i'v not reached that stage yet and hope i never do but there is a big chance considering i'v had hep b and hep c. and also the mirizzis syndrome which has atrophied 1/4 of my liver due to infection. i dont know if that can ever heal. or if my liver will continue to be attacked by the syndrome as i dont know enough about it and go to hospital again in a few weeks where i can find out those things. its terrible not being able to sleep as it can cause all sorts of accidents when we are tired and cant concentrate. i see that you have your husband so thats some consilation im glad to hear that your not on your own, that little exercise i posted is good for relaxing the muscles. and if you cant sleep it would be nice just to feel al itte bit of relaxation, have you tried those anti hystamines, my daughter used them called sominite and there are other ones. i dont fancy them myself as i know that sleeping tablets and diazepan and those sort of things dont really work for me as they make me feel even worse the next day as im 65. when i was younger they worked but it takes to long for me to get them out of my system. i do hope that you find a rememdy and if i hear of anything, and i will look around for you i will post it to you. god bless you love grace xoxoxo


i may not be at the same stage white feather however im always tired. i dont know if its the pain relief that im taking. i have to take it. i slept all day yesterday i lay in bed listening to utube relaxation tapes. my cat kept trying to wake me up and get my attention. i'v decided today that im going to try and do something in the house so see if i can cultivate some energy. i take good vitamin powders. i did read up about HE to see if i could find out some good news for you but it did speak about all the sleep problems that come with it. so im so sad about that. all i can say it try the relaxation as at least its better to feel relaxed. i wish you well my friend.

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