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I am off to King's College Hospital today but not for my usual check up.

Me and my daughter are going to Abseil down the Golden Jubille Building in a fund raising event. I have chosen this event to say thanks for their care and to challenge me and raise a lot of funds for a wonderful hospital.

I wanted to post this as a public thank you to Kings College Liver Outpatients.

Next week I am back there for my usual check up.

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  • Well Done .xx

  • Well done for doing that and hope all went well. I had pretreatment and checks as my illness progressed then after being put on transplant list followed by the assessment and was so fortunate to have a liver transplant in March this year,I am so grateful to a very generous donor who has given me a chance to get my life together. but none of this could have happened from my first visit to Kings College Hospital continuing assessment and the liver transplant, recovery treatment and now the ongoing post transplant visits and check ups, all covered by the best huge team from all levels of employment in the hospital, all so caring, patient,courteous. What can I say to really describe my dealings with all at King's, excellent.

  • I hope you are progressing well post transplant and King's do do a wonderful job

  • So how did it go? Good, I hope!

    Cheering you on!


  • I hope it went well and that you enjoyed it, I saw the signs up on Wednesday when I was there. I don't have the energy you have to do something like that so I do voluntary work for King's Hospital when I can. It is indeed a wonderful hospital and the care I personally receive there is second to none. Congratulations on your abseil.

  • Good luck to you both. Take care.

  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for all your good wishes. Here is a post abseil update....

    It was great, we were a bit apprehensive once we were on top to the building but the fantastic view over London helped. The hard part was getting over the safety rail on the building edge and then stepping backwards down on two ledges. Then it was sit in the harness and lean back and down we go.

    The best bit was raising just over £550.00 between my and my daughter for Kings.

  • Good luck, fella

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