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Travel Vaccinations and NASH Cirrhosis

Hi everyone, I am going to travel to Mexico at the end of August. There are no must-have vaccinations as far as I can see, but what about Malaria and the Sika scare, and what about Hepatitis A or B (or is it too late for me anyway) I am just concerned at having a low immune system and would welcome any advice (apart from not going of course) from anyone who has had the same dilemma. I know am up to date with Tetanus, MMR, Typhoid which King's Occupational Health gave me about 3 years ago, with permission from my consultant.

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I went to Mexico and had all the available hepatitis vaccinations. I can't remember which ones but I remember the view being that with an already weak liver it was necessary.

I would speak to your GP.

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I will take your advice and ring the consultant's secretary today, thank you for your reply.


Hi kitkatkaz

Please have a look at the following links to government websites on the recommended vaccinations for various parts of the world:



We would recommend visiting your GP asap as, if needed, there is a compressed programme of Hepatitis A vacinnations that you could start before you go and then finish the course when you return.

Best wishes



Hello, I live in México, exactly in Guadalajara, i joined the group because my husband has chirrosis and it héroe me a lot. I can tell You for sure that your Dr knows what vaccines You need before You come, there is no zika in México, Malaria is never in our Country i beleive that is in África and Oceanía, You only need to avoid eating on the street where they sell fruit, ice cream or mexican food, use bottle water all the time ( because of your inmune system). There are wonderful restaurants with international standars, You dont need to worry. If you tell me exactly what City i can be more specific, we travel almost every weekend to the Pacífic coast, lots of tourists and nothing to worry about, do not hesitate to ask, : )

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we are going to Puerto aventuras near Tulum and within distance of Chichen Itza, my big wish to see the area, not staying in Cancun as too much action for me! Thank you so much for replying to me.


Perfect choice, is peacefull You will have a wonderful time, no special requirements, just bottle water and lots of suntan, wish You the best trip!


hmm..not sure, but I do know that they wanted to me to have a Hep A vaccination prior to me coming to the UK from the US. With a bad liver, my consultant there told me Hep C would likely kill me if I contracted it.

Better safe than sorry. Get any and all.

Also, you know to ONLY drink bottled water there, right?

From what I hear from many, the water can get you sick and ruin your trip straight away. So, bottled water only.

cheering you on!

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Also avoid ice in drinks, this is often made with tap water. I've been to Mexico and we were pretty careful only had a little upset stomach, nothing to ruin holiday. The thing that I found tough was the pollution and altitude, I felt wheezy a lot of the time.

Have a lovely time.



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