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Fibrosis / Fibroscan

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History of binge drinking but stopped 3 months ago and will remain sober.

I just received a fibroscan in which I am waiting for the results but my bloodwork came back and is alarming.

I took a NASH Fibrosure test and my fibrosis score is a 0.43 (High) in a normal range of 0.00-0.21 and they predict I have F1 or F2 fibrosis.

Steatosis grade was 0.08 (Normal) Normal range 0.00-0.30 (No steatosis)

NASH Score 0.25 (Says its not nash)

Is F1/F2 stage fibrosis reversible or does that mean I am on the slow path (assuming I dont drink) to cirrosis?

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Hi there

I had a fibroscan last year and I am stage 4 fibrosis (doing pretty well at the moment) I should think you could well reverse the damage I wish you well .


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Isomer21 in reply to bintcliffe

Did they give you any form of diet plan? Any foods to avoid etc...?

I am taking milk thistle supplement and also a vegetarian liver detox supplement. Drinking only water/coffee/green tea/chamomile tea.... Eating salad with apple cider vinegar and lean meats.

I am gonna start jogging as well. This test result really caught me by surprise. ugh

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Trust1Administrator in reply to Isomer21

Hi Isomer21

We would suggest that it would be best to get clarification on your stage of fibrosis and how that will affect you from your own doctors as they have access to your medical records and are best to advise.

With regards to your comments on milk thistle and complementary or alternative medicines, If you have liver disease, it is important to seek advice from your doctor and ask to be referred to a dietitian before taking any complementary medicines or dietary supplements.

Here is the link to our webpage on Complementary & Alternative Medicines (CAM)

It is really positive that you are now sober and working on your diet and lifestyle. We wish you all the very best.


Those labs don't sound too bad to me. It's good that you don't have a fatty liver from the way it sounds. From what I hear, these fibroscan results can fluctuate as well. My liver doc told me to cut out the sugar, lose weight, exercise, and cut down on the carbs. That was hard for me as when I worked nights as nurse for 46+ years, I drank 2-4 cokes a night. I've lost 30 pounds and I progressed from stage 1 -2 in 6 months. Many people do very well even in higher stages. I wish my labs were as decent as yours. As other's in this forum have told me, "chill." Eat right, little to zero alcohol, exercise, cut out the sugar, and continue to follow up with your liver specialist. Good luck!!

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Isomer21 in reply to Ruthie2

Maybe I'm mistaken on what liver damage/disease/scarring/fibrosis/cirrosis is....

I was under the impression that once the liver is damaged it goes through an unstoppable process where it kills itself. This process takes 10-20 years depending on the level of damage but is irreversible. The liver tries to repair cells but in the process creates more damage until the damage spreads throughout the liver. (Think its called fibrogenesis, might be mistaken)

So is that not how it works? I hope I'm wrong. So fibrosis CAN be reversed by quitting alcohol 100% and eating healthy/exercise?

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Ruthie2 in reply to Isomer21

Absolutely, things can improve. Especially if you eat right and cut out the ETOH. Some people may stay at stage 2 for the rest of their lives and do very well. My condition is complicated in that I have hemachromatosis and i'm on many cardiac meds that effect my liver. But I'm happy with my results and as the people in the group say, "How do you feel?" The fact that you don't have fatty liver or Nash is a good thing. It's just harder to repair the liver with cirrhosis which is stage 4 in the US. However, I have a close friend with compensated cirrhosis for 10 years and he's doing fantastic!!! Each person is different, and yes, you're at a good stage to repair most of your liver if not all of it. The liver is the only organ in the body that can repair itself, but it takes work - like what I mentioned exercise, eating right, having a good outlook, having fun, try to keep yourself busy and stay away from alcohol. You're in a good place right now. Stay away from tylenol, Motrin and those types of drugs. Inform your doctors of any drugs that you are on. As you know, drugs are metabolized in the liver most of the time. Stay in touch with us and try not to worry!! It's scary when folks get the new diagnosis of "something being wrong with their liver." It's a very forgiving organ!!! Keep us posted. You probably should have a repeat liver scan if your last one was a year ago. Talk with your physician about that. I get one every 6 months. If anything, having it done more frequently reminds me that I have to do the 'right stuff" if I had to wait a year I'd be stuffing my face with candy, chips, drinking my wine, etc. So it actually keeps me on my toes. Plus I love my hep Doctor!!!

Just got my fibroscan result which was a 3.5 kPa... Doctor said nothing to worry about!

Today is a happy day! Thank you all for your support from this post and previous posts and I wish you all a Happy New Year! I wish you all the best! =-)

Congrats, Isomer21! That is fantastic news. What were your labs that you said were alarming? ALT AST?

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