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Gamma GT, AST and ALT are high


Hello hope someone help me with this. I used to drink half liters scotch every night till June and wont even eat food pretty much whole day, I did my blood test at that time and my GGT was 173 ALT 123 and AST 147 I cut down my alcohol to 2 half litres beers can every night after 3 months my ALT AST Was normal and Gamma gt was 54. After that I started drinking 1.5 to 2 bottles wine a night but started eating and taking liver detox medications and I received my latest blood report and it' even

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Hi tarnish and welcome to this forum 😁

Did you fall aslep before finishing post? I’ve done that before but posted a lot of gobbledygook! 😁

What is your question, please also what was last sentence going to say?

Only comment I can make so far, as all of us would say, is give up the vimto completely. Get professional help if necessary (most would say you must have medical help).

Look forward to update from you!


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Lol I was wondering the same as the post sort of ended.


If I had to guess you have alcoholic hepatitis. But obviously I AM NOT a doctor. If your still drinking you have to stop not just cut down. If a doctor verifies that you do have this. Alcoholic hepatitis can come and go in onset. Some being mild and some being extreme enough to present with the same clinical features of decompensated cirrhosis. In severe cases 2/3rds of patients die within the first 6 months. It's a really serious condition and you should seek medical help very soon. Even if it's not AH something is clearly not right and the drinking (any amount) can push you over the edge with liver function tests like that. Also regardless of the origin of this if you haven't quit drinking I strongly strongly suggest getting detoxed medically.

Garyvh in reply to Hidden

Good grief, this is what happened to me! Slowly worsening jaundice and nausea and generally feeling unwell over a few months - then bam! I suddenly went into severe Alc hep over the course of one day, with all the symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis. I'm still here nearly a year later but those mortality figures are really frightening!

I wonder if you know of any reliable figures for mortality rates for non-abstinence versus complete abstinence after alc hep?

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This happened to me as well. Exactly the same as you describe Gary. Mortality rates are usually medically estimated using the maddrey discrimenent function test. As for abstinence vs none. Their are a small amount of people who will recover from alc hep even if they continue to drink. As my hepotologist described it to me most people who end up in hospital for it have already had it before and did not know and the danger comes in the fact that those who have already had it are extremly more likely to get again and the severity can change.

Tanish85 in reply to Garyvh

Hi Gary all the systems of alc hep I think I have but i am still confused how these ggt alt als number gone so high when I cut down alcohol from past when i have abnormal liver fuction test and after three month liver fuction test came normal and fiber scan was fine as well but after 2 months now liver test real bad. Any cure for alc hep?

Kristian in reply to Tanish85

"any cure for alc hep?"

err, stop drinking alcohol perhaps?

Sorry for stating the obvious but your own post has already given you the result. There isn't a magic pill you can take that will allow you to drink alcohol without inflaming your liver, at least not to the extent you are drinking anyway. Drinking lots of alcohol regularly will inflame your liver. If you don't want an inflamed liver then, well, don't drink the alcohol.

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