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I'm wondering if the AST/ALT Ratio still makes a difference if both the AST and ALT are in normal range individually. My AST/ALT Ratio is at 1.22 but AST and ALT are otherwise within the normal range.

My legs have been itching like crazy and although I normally do not bruise easily, my legs are covered in bruises from the scratching. I've also been horribly fatigued and my little ones have been running rampant because I can barely function. I've also had dry mouth.

I called my Doctor and she looked at my labs from 3 months ago and she said everything except for my LDL Cholesterol which was a little high was within normal range.

I would so appreciate it if someone could give some input. I have been doing a ton of research but I can't seem to find my answer.

Thank you!!


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A dry mouth isnt particularly a symptom of liver disease but can be a symptom of many other things including Sjogren's syndrome which is an autoimmune condition. I'm wondering why liver disease came top of your thoughts with itching (again could be lots of different things), fatigue (could be lots of different reasons) and normal lab results.


I have AIH/PBC overlap. PBC (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis) causes itching and fatigue and is associated with Sjorgrens dry eyes and mouth. Perhaps it could be that?


I heard the AST/ALT ratio only means something if the enzymes are elevated.


AST/ALT are liver enzyms.


I agree. I am pretty sure your enzymes need to be elevated for it to be liver (pbc) Maybe u have an allergy to something that is causing these reactions?? Dry mouth, fatigue. But if your enzymes are not elevated I don't think it's pbc


I would look further into sjogrens disease. U have similar symptoms. Good luck!! :)


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