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Back to Sherlock.....

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Tomorrow I go back to the Doc (his name is someone out of Sherlock πŸ€”) who initially diagnosed my failing liver way back in march 2017 I'd just been abroad and felt fine,to this day I don't know where that appt came from. One feel of my tummy and he told me exactly how I'd die if I didn't stop drinking my old friend Mr vino. I came home and laughed at this "crazy Dr" as i opened more vino. My liver & body gave up on the 5th July 2017 & I was given 6 months to live >> Fast forward to now,sober ever since & tomorrow I'm back with the "crazy Dr" who saved my life in the end so not so crazy after all 😍 hopefully ill get discharged from hospital but not from the nightmare ive put my body through & not from the ongoing care i need to take care of myself. Fingerscrossed ill tell you good news tomorrow xx take care of yourselves because life is too short ❀

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Wow, what a story! Doctors do occasionally come in for some stick for getting it wrong but stories like this are testament to them getting it right - even when it is not obvious.

Good luck tomorrow - will be looking out for your good news xx

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You have done so well and good luck tomorrow. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Aaaaw thanks Lynne_MA xx D day tomorrow ha I'll let you know 😍 xx

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Wishing you all the best xxxx

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Aaaaw thanks farranccc xx I know sometimes they do know best and know it all, maybe it's just not what we want to hear at the time πŸ™‚ xx

Good luck.x

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Aaaaw cheers honey πŸ™‚

Hi fabby

Dr John Watson?

Well fabs a lot of us have through the Vimto issue. I was told a similar thing over 4 years ago. STOP or else - fortunately no deadline for departure from here though πŸ˜€.

Good luck with Dr Who tomorrow!

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Haha close but no cigar Twosmiles 😁 ....Moriarty xx cheers honey btw giving up mr vino >>> best thing i ever done πŸ‘X

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Me 2 fabs. All this money im not xxxxx down the drain and NO hangovers


Dr. Mycroft? Dr.Hudson?

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Haha close but no cigar.....Moriarty 😁 PhoenixPalazzo x

How did you get on?

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