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Life After Transplant

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Hi everyone I have been absent from this site for a few years as so ill was in hospital most of the time nearly losing my life on 3 occasions with All Complications of stage 4 Liver Disease Nash to be specific I Was Transplanted this year July 20th and Never felt better I hope this brings hope to you all take care

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Brilliant news Angse, I know when you were last posting you were in a bad way and I had wondered what had happened. SOOOOOO, glad you got your transplant and all is going well. I had been a bit worried that things hadn't worked out.

Best news i've had all day. On wards and upwards and here's to many more years of health. Good stuff, I am so chuffed for you. :D :D

Katie xxxx

Hello Angse. I was so pleased to hear from you on this page - I have been looking for ages to see how you are doing. I attend the same liver unit as you do. You have had a really tough time of it but I hope things improve for you now. I had a transplant assessment in January but did not score highly enough, so it is being repeated in the new year. I am still hoping to be accepted for a transplant, but currently they have decided there is a genetic cause for mine - my family blood relatives are all having blood tests now. - they are thinking that I might have something called alpha a trypsin deficiency. So I have embarked on a new learning curve. Do keep in touch - and good luck.

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freddie76 in reply to gamesmaker

Hi just to let you know my hubby has alpha 1 and was transplanted nearly six years ago. New liver doing ok.

There is a good yahoo group specifically for Alpha's and also on Facebook.

If you are confirmed they will supply you with all the relevant literature.

Good luck

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gamesmaker in reply to freddie76

Thanks for your reassuring reply. I have never come across anyone who presented with liver problems but had alpha 1

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freddie76 in reply to gamesmaker

The reason you don't hear this is because majority of people drink alcohol to some degree and that will be the first assumption in liver disease if no other cause is found. But nowadays medics are more aware and now test for alpha

My hubby doesn't drink so they had to look further.

Which hospital diagnosed you.

There are now about three hospitals running clinics specifically for alphas.

Hi Angse that's fantastic news you've obviously been through such a lot and I'm so glad to hear you've come out the other side. How are things going after your transplant? I hope you're feeling better, it's still a huge deal for you but you've been given a second chance so really hope things keep getting better for you. Lots of hugs


Lovely to hear you are doing well. 😀

You just been busy on Facebook and enjoying your new life xxx

Dearest Angse,

This is the best news I have had all day!

So wonderful to hear from you!

I wish you all the best and pray that your health continues to improve!

Yours truly,


Pear -

I have lost your number 😥 please get in touch - Simone xxxx

What fantastic news, I hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself, how have you been, remember I’m always just a message away if you need any advice about anything, anyway really pleased for you 😊🤗

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Hi Angse,

Thankyou for sharing your news, we are delighted to hear that you have had a successful transplant and wish you continued good health,

Best wishes,


Welcome back. Long, healthy life good wishes for you.


Hi, I'm so happy to see you back, I was worried. It hasn't quite been years but defo several months. You were suffering with HE, and were going in and out of hospital, when last we heard from you. You were very unwell, and I'll admit I thought the worst, so this is marvelous to hear you're doing so well having had a transplant.

Wonderful, wonderful news, its odd because I've never met you and we've only really shared a couple of comments on here, but this news has really made my week/month/year!!

All the very best to you,

Stay healthy and happy,

Much love

E x

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So pleased for you. It's so nice to hear good news. Carry on keeping well. Lots if love Lynne xxxx

I would like to join you Angse in giving everyone hope. I was ill for years. On list for 2 weeks only before a successful straight forward transplant. That was 11 days ago. Now feeling fantastic. Throughout everything my husband hugged me and told me to "hold on tight". I would like to send all of you a virtual hug and say "HOLD ON TIGHT". Take care.

I am pleased for you Wendy. It is so positive to hear that you have done so well.

Hello Angse. Just an update after a year of not corresponding on these pages. I was fortunate enough to have my liver transplant in May of this year after being on the list for less than a week. My disease was diagnosed as alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, (PiSZ), leading to cirrhosis, (NASH related) and end stage liver disease. My transplant was complicated by one episode of rejection and sepsis - both successfully treated. As I live alone I went into residential care in the post op period, but I am now back home and looking after myself. I have a few problems with the side effects to the anti-rejection treatment, but at least I am alive and enjoying life again. I had not realised how ill I had been until I felt so much better when I had got over the transplant. My grown up children, my sisters and my close friends have been fantastic - at one time they did not think I would 'make it' and asked the solicitor how they would deal with the power of attorney. I am pleased I had set that up before I was really ill. !!

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