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Very High Liver Function Tests - any insights?

Hi All,

Recently I was sick with what seemed like a virus for a week and got bloods taken as I had high unexplained GGT (400) earlier in the year, and was curious why a simple virus had me ill for so long.

However, this time the results came back high across the board. I got them repeated a few days later and were higher again, but ultrasound is clear - anyone else had similar results?

Healthy 27 year old female who doesn't drink

Bilirubin 25+; ALP 300+; AST 250+; ALT 500+; GGT 900+

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Does the doctor have explained anything yet about the result. Ive also have a high reading of liver function test and have been diagnosed to have fatty liver disease.


Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis!

The doctors haven’t been able to figure it out yet, awaiting the results of further liver screen tests later this week.

A few doctor friends suggested maybe EBV (glandular fever), CMV/hepatitis or autoimmune hepatitis


Would have thought a virus, if that’s what it is, could sometimes knock you for six much longer than a week. Just a long shot, has anyone checked your ferritin levels? Iron overload from Haemochromatosis can affect the liver.


Hi I've had the same. Felt unwell and ended up with jaundice. CT scan and MRI. Also ultra sound all clear with no issues but bilirubin over 500, alt 1900 and so on.

I've been ill since beginning of July and on the mend. Tested for every virus and nothing but seems it is viral. Getting better every day although it's slow.

No evidence of any lasting issues or damage.

Hope this helps


Hello Claire8649,

Welcome to the forum where you will be able to get advice and support from others with experience of liver disease.

However, no matter how well intentioned, this is not a medical forum and none of the members are qualified to diagnose or give specific medical advice.

Forum users are advised to NOT post test results or scans and request an interpretation from other members. This is clearly stated in the guidelines to both the British Liver Trust forum and HealthUnlocked. ( see link below )

Test results vary according to both the individual’s whole health and the specific laboratory / medical team analysing the results. To avoid misinterpretation and undue concerns, results can only properly be understood by a qualified medical practitioner with full knowledge of your unique medical history and circumstances.

Please don’t be discouraged from using the forum as there are members with a great deal of understanding and knowledge of living with liver disease as a patient or carer. They will be able to give you the benefit of that experience with understanding and empathy that can only come from those with first hand involvement.

Best wishes

Volunteer moderator


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she is NOT asking for a diagnosis she is only explaining her predicatment and asking if anyone has anything similar. im fed up with this part of the forum its not the whole of healthunlocked that your not allowed to post your blood test results, on the thyroid site YOUR INVITED to load your blood test results up.



Hi grace111

Our volunteer moderator has simply reminded the member of our community rules.

This forum does not allow test results to be posted and as moderators it is our job to post clarifications to the 13,000 members.

Thank you for your understanding,


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There was test results on post and the rules are the same for all of us.results differ hugely from person to person so they should be explained by a qualified medics

This isn’t the thyroid site

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I just need to ask is there anything specific on the site explaining Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.#

It took many months to diagnose my husband and it does not seem to me that there is much information on it, allowing sick people to follow a course of action for testing. It is not an automatic test.

Alpha patients can test ok on all liver results except for GGT and still have cirrhosis.

So just wondering if there is enough input on the site to direct people to the correct course of action.




We hope the following links will be useful to you.

Volunteer moderator.




There are other liver conditions that can cause the lft & GGT results that you indicate, and there are other methods for testing for them - which your Medics should know about.

Ask them if they have tested for all autoimmune conditions, particularly ones associated with the liver. I don't know where you are, but in the UK I would expect you to be seen by a liver specialist, or at least a gastrologist who is aware of liver and other autoimmune conditions that can cause such results. Also, ultrasound scans and even MRIs - although essential to rule out all sorts of other conditions - are not always enough to check for everything.

I would contact the people at the BLT and ask them, personally, about other issues that could be causing your results, so maybe email the moderator (above) who has written to you.

Hope this helps,



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