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Yellow stools with normal LFT's

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Passing yellow stools again. This problem started last year August and I must admit nearly a year on not much has been done with me in the last 9 months in figuring out why. The difference was last year it also affected my urine but the pain in my right side felt like internal swelling and lasted about 5-6 months.

I changed my diet then (as it was terrible before) and started walking more and by December it must've paid off or just simultaneously stopped.

Ever since then I have had different problems with pain and what feels like inflammation internally in different areas.

I have also gotten a bit sluggish and have allowed more sugar and fat into my diet and now from time to time my stool gets yellow and then the day later it will be normal but varies. My urine colour is normal and my recent LFT was normal again but stool colours like this just indicate something else is wrong. I have had an ultrasound scan and blood test but came back normal with just fat on my liver.

I'm in my early 20s and i'm feeling like it's a pancreas or endocrine problem as I do also have PCOS and now grey hairs randomly on my head or can it be my liver? I do not drink I was obese for 3 years but have lost a good amount of weight this year.

Is my change in diet making it worse?

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Bile is what turns stool brown, & intermittent light stool can indicate poor bile flow.

Rapid weight loss is known to cause gallbladder issues, but gallbladder "disease" is usually quite painful and symptomatic. Ultrasound also should have shown gallstones if they were there.

Lecithin (found abundantly in eggs) can help thin bile & stimulate flow. The lecithin is in the yolk, so don't fool around with egg white omelettes. A thirty day trial of adding a few eggs per week to your diet might prove enlightening. You should see results within a week or two if this is going to help.

If you simply don't do eggs, a lecithin supplement may help, but you really should run any supplement past your doc before you buy or try them. Lecithin is pretty benign, so I doubt your doc would object to your trying this.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your advice. What I ended up doing was reducing the amount of sugar and oil/fat in my diet and my stool colour came back to normal after two days. I'm going to try and find the underlying reason why all of his is happening. Thank you for that advice, I dislike eggs but will try to add some egg yolks to help my gallbladder.

Again thank you!

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