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Do I have Jaundice, or early stages of cirrhosis?

Hello my friends,

I have been an alcoholic for 3 years now. I didn't began to drink VERY heavily until about a year. I easily consume a bottle of 40 percent alcoholic beverages. Throughout the week I would drink enough to get me "drunk", but would always try my "best" to stop drinking enough in order for me to make it to work, and most of the times, barely function. By time I get home, im sober enough to continue the process. Due to some life circumstances I was "forced" to quit (for a better of lack of terms, have no access to drink for several months). This helped me get on the right track for many months. I recently relapsed and drank an excessive amount that was VERY harmful to me. I slept for a very long time, waking up in a lot of pain. Every symptom has led to beginning stages of liver disease (including a very small but noticeable yellow color under my eyelids). This has scared me enough to rebegin my journey of becoming sober. I figured I could stop the damage now, and begin the healing process with my liver, but I've still been sick. My "orange" urine has returned back to its clear normal color on the 3rd day. The tiny bit of yellow is still under my eyelid, but I was curious if that could just be my liver trying to heal itself. Or, is it too late and I more than likely have scar tissue on my liver? Obviously, I will get a professional opinion eventually but thats not an option yet. I would like to see if anybody else have gone through similar experiences, and recovered after having "scary" symptoms of liver disease?

Thank you in advance for any help that could be provided.

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It's wise that you have acknowledged the danger you are putting your liver in. From what you've written as regards your eyes it doesn't sound like jaundice - yellow eyes due to jaundice appear as yellow throughout the sclera of the eye not just "very small but noticeable yellow color under my eyelids".

Sobriety is the only way you'll heal your liver and yes it is possible to improve your liver health significantly with alcohol removal.

The best thing you can do is to have an appointment with your doctor to assess your current state of liver health and take things from there.

The BLT has a good page on alcohol related liver disease which might prove helpful to you.


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Thank you so much for your input. Its support and knowledge like this that will greatly improve my confidence during this journey. You are very appreciated and I will look into the article that you provided.

Hello 🙂 👋

Sounds very familiar...well done for stopping. The crucial stage now, is to stop completely if you can, which sounds like YOU CAN 😊 and wait for scans and the medical pros'. I presume they are looking into your bloods?

The jaundice I had was a Homer Simpson colour all over. My eyes were covered, not just a little bit, but full on Yellow Sherbert Lemons, with a hint of ochre or free range, deep orange, egg yolk. Not a good look! Not a good sign, not good full stop. There's more ~ but I won't bore you with that, but I might do if you need horror stories. But it sounds like you need reassurance so I will just stick to that.

I hope you get some news soon from your doctors.

Stay positive, stay strong and well done for realising that things have got to the STOP NOW stage. I didn't listen to my body, by heck I wish I had, but I can't change that now. You can, so please do. It sounds like you know what you have to do and you are doing something about it, so once again good stuff~ keep at it. 👍

Take good care 🙂

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Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this has helped me at the moment. Your words are inspiring!

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Don't be daft, thank yourself for acknowledging your situation, being brave to put a hand up for help and advice. wont be the first or the last.

I had a warning, wih an Ultrasound. I was pig ignorant, (that's an insult to pigs) I was not aware of how serious Cirrhosis is and the other physical things that go with it. I expect you know what these can be, if not read about them because they are very real and not good fun to put it mildly.

I was messing with my life, except I did not know, there was little information apart from "Once you've got it, there's no going back'. I WISH I knew what I know now, I wish I had the information about ascites, varices, Hepatic encephalopathy, the list goes on and on.

Read others stories, I hope you manage to be able to take control. Another well done. Get intouch with your doctor about your honest, don't Google get professional advice. Ring the helpline here, they are so lovely, unjudmental and you come off the phone all positive and glad you rang.

Keep reading and learning. Listen to your body. Get help if you need any with mental health too. Once again, there is support and understanding for this.

Take care 🙂

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