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Fibro Kpa 21

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Hi everybody. I am Rajesh from India. Recently I had a fibroscan and the reading was 21 Kpa. I didn't have any symptoms but occasional vomiting from overeating. Went to dr.and he told me its chronic parachymal second stage non alcoholic fatty liver. I was a daily moderate drinker with 2 scotch. now I have stopped completely and having low carb no sugar diet. but still I am worried .can someone explain me. my blood test were normal except for low Hdl and high Ldl.

Thanks in advance.

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Kpa of 21. Thats really really bad. May god be with you

Hi Rajesh.

Keep up the healthy diet, keep your weight at a healthy level, abstain from alcohol and follow any medication plan you have been prescribed. From what I have been told by my specialist fibrosis can improve if you look after your liver. I've been following this advice. My fibroscan was higher than yours last Oct. My latest ulltrasound (May) showed vast visual improvement but I won't know how great that is until my next fibroscan. Any reduction must be a good thing! So take heart. Look after yourself and try not to stress.

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Raj69 in reply to Krista1

Thanks you so much for a soothing reply. I will keep in mind what you suggested.

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