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Please give me your opinion

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Hello everybody i have fibrosis of my liver and recently noticed those changes in my nails there is a white line that keeps on growing on my feet too the doctor doesn't say anything at all and says it's not important but I'm pretty shure they are terry nails or white nails can somebody confirm this or give me his opinion and what does that mean as far as my liver health? I know here are no doctors I still want to know you guys opinion thank you very much

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Doesn't look like Terry's nails

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Febeli57 in reply to Careful1

Ok thank you for your reply

No dont look like Terrys Nails. Download the picture and you will see the difference.

No, they are nothing like terry nails

. You should see my talons haha.

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Febeli57 in reply to Millie09

Thank you very much for your time whitenails maybe ? I mean those cuts they weren't there before my fibrosis biopsy they came recently ? You think it might not be liver related

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Millie09 in reply to Febeli57

Your most welcome, i used to have similar markings but it was down to calcium deficieny .. maybe get that checked out! it can cause all sorts of side effects but from your pic i don't think its liver related..😊

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MarkAS in reply to Millie09

Mine look exactly the same and I have calcium deficiency 👍

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Millie09 in reply to MarkAS

👍.. our nails can say a lot about our health, im now on adcal for vitamin D and Calcium. Still have mobility issues but im not one to moan..

Linda. 😊

Good day I just read some of your past posts and I remembered I responded to you befor we have very similar fibroscan scores. It would appear we have some mild damage to our livers but I would think not enough to cause any really bad symptoms. I know it's not easy to do but try not to worry so much about every little thing and just do things you can control like eat healthy and exercise . We're all going to die of something someday but I don't want to live in fear everyday of my liver failing and not enjoy what time i have. Spend time with your kids and be happy you have a second chance I know I am .



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Febeli57 in reply to

Yes I know I try everything to get my mind of this I ride my bike for 60 km every day. On that photo I was With my kids on the poolside but still it's hard as I have all kinds of problems with my vision getting worse my blood pressure getting lower and dizziness I just dont understand what's causing this as the liver specialist always says it has nothing. To do with my liver cardiologist says it's not my heart it drives me insane what is it than that's causing me to suffer this way because it shure isnt like it used to be I want my healthy body back and stop worrying about myself trust me I hate it the most I want the pain to stop I eat healthy exercise but Istill seem to feel worse every day it's so depressing a d makes me wanna give up sometimes but you know it's not. a option with little kids but hey just sayin have a good one!!

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Kerriemc in reply to Febeli57

Hi you will find that these lines and ridging are due to a zinc deficiency.

Serum and hepatic zinc is decreased in chronic liver disease patients, and zinc depletion has been suggested to accelerate liver fibrosis.

Start taking zinc to assist your liver disease. Better levels of zinc will improve the nails and your fibrosis. :)

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AyrshireK in reply to Kerriemc

Just to point out before you start taking random additional supplements, minerals and/or vitamins visit your doctor and get a thorough assessment as to your need for the supplement. Adding too much or the wrong supplement, mineral or vitamin can add to liver damage. Nails are a good indicator of mineral deficiency but don't guesss or take another persons word on even if that person perhaps has similar. Get it checked out first.


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sunnysmile in reply to AyrshireK

Yes, you do have a point. Although my doc would not have a flipping clue, whenever I ask her about a certain supplement she tells me to ask a pharmacist as they are more qualified in supplements; when I ask the pharmacist, he/she tell me to ask my doctor ????!!!!

But I do know of the risk of toxicity to the liver so I would personally ask a liver specialist.


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Kerriemc in reply to AyrshireK

Katie I take 1 zinc per day tho you can take up to 3 per day. These are not harmful and can't overload a system that is low in zinc. This person wouldn't be getting these symptoms ( and who has the same way dentical symptoms and diagnosis that I have) if they were not low in zinc. The condition directly causes lower zinc it is 150% associated with this condition.

Alternative measures and diet are the two things that cause the least harm.

It has worked for me.

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Febeli57 in reply to Kerriemc

Thank you very much I'll try a supplement why not if there's no real cure we have to help ourselves because if you lose hope than its over

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sunnysmile in reply to Febeli57

What about increasing the zinc, which will improve nail function, via diet. My immediate thought would be sea food such as muscles and prawns which are rich in zinc. But I have just read recently on a post somewhere, maybe not this particular forum, that they are not advised in case of bacteria due to living at the bottom of the sea. Ahh another hurdle. But plenty of other foods rich in zinc.

Just a thought coz you have to keep fighting for you and your lovely fam.


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Thistle09 in reply to sunnysmile

Hi, sunnysmile! I think the restriction applies to raw seafood, especially what some of us in certain locales refer to as "bottom feeders." That would apply to any seafood that uses a filtration system to "eat", e.g., oysters, mussels, shrimp?, possibly catfish (although I've never seen catfish offered raw!). If the seafood is cooked, it should be OK. If you've ever started to eat a bad oyster, you know **immediately** to spit it out, hahaha.

There is a ton of information about minerals and vitamins, and fingernails!, in reference books dedicated to principles of basic nutrition. Healing With Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford, is one that comes to mind.

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sunnysmile in reply to Thistle09

Thanks for that. My go to treat are prawns but not raw - yuk.

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sunnysmile in reply to

And another great reply. Replies like this personally lift my spirits about living in fear - that will do our bodies no favours. Grab what we/you can and savour every moment. I go walking a lot on my own and I own every minute of it. I constantly stop to look at a flower, or a bird, or smell fresh mown grass or damp earth.

Best to all you guys as always and keep fighting to win.


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Febeli57 in reply to sunnysmile

You Too Sending positive vibes your way

Just remember, the liver is the most able organ to repair itself. I eat a full alkaline diet and take necessary supplements for this condition which have resulted in better health and a better liver. It takes time but things can improve if you change a few things. :)

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