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I will drink tomorrow though

Anothet excuse to have a drink tomorrow as its my dads anniversary he will have been dead 3yrs and i know i will drink cos tomorrow my head will b all over and i will be so upset and depressed cos the day makes me think of him and brings back memories and images in my head of how he died so i no i will have a drink and i will really try not to drink loads only a little and then make this my last day of alcohol atleast for a good few months

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I'm sorry for your loss but I think your dads biggest wish would be for u to stay healthy and be happy and you know alcohol will only make thinks worse.that little high is not worth it think about me I might not see my 4 little girls grow because of this devilish alcohol they gonna grow up without a dad because daddy wanted to numb the pain .boy was i wrong .But it's your choice keep me updated on your health keep your head up


No he wunt want me to drink but its the grief and the emotions that cause me to drink especially on a day like this. Its easier said than done. If ur liver dont get any worse and it dont stop functioning and dont start causing really bad problems then i think u will b ok u just need to stay strong keep healthy and live every day to the fullest i have 3 girls too 8.3 and 1. Honestly tho after tomorrow im gonna knock it on head for a good few month. I will only have a few tomorrow anyway


Slippery slope honey slippery slope. Your choice your life your body


Nothing left to say, nothing to add. Perfect answer, in fact.


Im only hvin a little drink lol and im sure i wont develop cirrhosis over night lol but thnks x

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You have no idea how many times I told myself that same thing. "Tomorrow is my last day." And tomorrow never came b/c every day I told myself that I'll quit tomorrow. But one thing did come for sure, and that was end-stage liver cirrhosis at the age of 31yrs. Docs gave me 2-3 months to live. I joined a 12 step program after having been in the hospital for a month. I did not want to die a drunk, just another statistic. It's been 8yrs since my last drink, and I've never been happier. There is NEVER a reason to drink, only excuses, one after another. I've lost so many friends due to alcoholism and drug addiction b/c they said, "Tomorrow is the last time." Tomorrow came and went...without them. Best wishes and God bless.


End stage liver cirrhosis at 31. What is ur alcohol history glad u r doin well now

Your alcohol history at this point is irrelevant. .. look at the hell you and those around have been through. At such a young age. Thankfully your strength and determination has got you off the stuff and now living a good healthy life of freedom. Well done

L x

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Sorry about your dad,heard the saying any escuse for a drink that was me,you sound abit like me and before you know it your having a drink just to feel good, thats when denial comes in and you are an alcoholic.give it up mate.


Oh so true. An alcoholic will always find an excuse to drink.... the sun's shining ... I'll have a drink to cool down. It's raining .... I'll have a drink to cheer me up. Football team won ..... let's celebrate down the pub. Football team lost.... I'll drown my sorrows. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter. There you go you're drinking every month, week and day. Before you know it you're family are scattering you ashes just like we had to with my husband ...


Its not a celebration its a depressing day to think about what happened to my dad so yes a drink for not an alcoholic as i keep mentioning. My dad was cremated and i have to think about that for the rest of my life and i want to have a drink yes not gonna lie. Its the one day that makes me miserable and choose to drink. all other occasions dnt make me miserable so wont choose to drink can do other things on them days with my kids so it wont be every month week and day for me. Like i said its a one off day and then having months off. I wont develop cirrhosis over night. Also i no ur only givin advice because u seen ur husband go through it and im sorrt 4 what happened to him but u said he passed after 40 years of alcohol abuse. 40 years is an extremely long time. Iv drank quite a lot in the past year but i wunt call it abuse its 1 year! And i no wot stage my liver is at which is fatty which a lot of ppl with cirrhosis will have had at one point they just wont have known about it cos they wont have been scanned at that time and found out at that time that they had thay conditon so they will have continued to drink. I have the chance to reverse mine which i have by not drinking at all for a few weeks which will have given my liver time to recover a bit and then drink a little i dnt see any harm in that if its not gonna make the fat worse..not been funny b4 anyone else jumps in either. I am just stating my view which i am entitled to do 🤗

Like I say it's your choice. I would just like to point out to you that alcohol as well as all its other 'wonderful' qualities is a depressant. If you are feeling miserable or stressed it will make you feel even more miserable, depressed and stressed. It plays tricks on your mind by clouding rational thinking and reality. I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad. It's horrid losing a parent. Lost my mum 3 years ago too. Thankfully I didn't need to drink then or on the anniversaries of her death. In fact we make it a happy day to reflect and be thankful as I know the last thing she'd want would be for us to be miserable.


I think to be judgemental about what you have said would not be appropriate.

We all deal with sadness in different ways and you have said quite clearly, that you know alcohol is bad for you but, you will be drinking for one day and for a particular reason.

You have made a decision that is right for you and I for one will not condemn you.

I hope you spend the day with lovely recollections of you father and know he would want you all to have a good day in his memory.

Take care,



Thinking of you. I lost my mum 3 years still hurts. Take care.x

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So sorry thanks for ur comment x

Hi Vicky. I'm so sorry yes it does and always will. It is whenever you lose someone close to you. But drinking DOES NOT make the hurt go away, make you feel any better or bring them back. It's one of those things you have to learn to live with and I find keeping happy memories and laughing but having a bloody good cry when you need to is the best tonic xx

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It seems you have had a wake-up call and for that, you are very fortunate. A life of abstinence is not for everyone and you are aware of why you would make this choice. Only you can make the choice and then reflect if it made you feel better or worse. All these milestones in life can be a trial, I hope your day goes well and you keep your good intentions going forward. All the best

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Hi Jojo, been a while since I’ve been here but just wanted to say that I drank a while after my mum died in july 16, I did not drink at the funeral but..

I fell apart in the November when everything got too much and then drank copious amounts to block things I guess, end result hepatitis, nearly a month in hospital and being told I had a 1 in 3 chance of dying. I go months and years not drinking, don’t miss it and quite frankly it’s a false friend.

So I am nearing my mums 2nd year anniversary, her birthday has come and gone, I haven’t drunk at all since the day I came out of hospital, what’s the point? It won’t change anything in our lives just numb things up for a while. It has done me no favours personally.

I was finally discharged from the care of the gastro consultant yesterday, my liver recovered back to normal and has stayed that way... that s not something to celebrate with a drink, tea and a biccys will do.

I hope you are ok today, do the things that bring you some happiness, I know my daughter, now 11, brings me great joy. As a mum she is my priority, I never want to be staring at a hospital ceiling for 3 weeks again!

Take care,



Well done Michelle 👍x

Cheers Laura, I have tried and tried to explain myself to consultants historically, that I don’t and never have wanted to get in that state and now finally diagnosed with complex PTSD, a lot more makes sense and recently a flare up of ulcerative colitis after being ok since pregnancy showed me I must learn to take better care,

I am super aware now of why it all happened! Interesting that there are still no warnings on bottles of alcohol and yet health warnings are plastered all over cigs..

I do think mental health support is absolutely awful here and that sometimes all that is focused on will be alcohol and the underlying causes are missed.


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Oh don't start me on the politics of alcohol. There are so many unanswered questions re the sales, costs and warnings of alcohol by MP's. Believe me, between Richard64 and myself we are trying to change things with little success, mainly due to the huge amount of revenue alcohol generates outweighing the cost of treating patients with alcohol related illnesses. It's a sad state of affairs.

You've got your head screwed on and doing well. Be proud 👍

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It is indeed! And thank you

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