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Fibroscan reading hi guys


Hi everyone So I went to the dr and specifically asked for the fibroscan and this is my reading :

01. E7.3 kpa

02. E6.3 kpa

03. E8.2 kpa

04.E =5.4 kpa

05. E=6.1 kpa

06.E=6.1 kpa

07. E=5.5 kpa

08. E=5.6 kpa

I added a photo could somebody please explain it to me since the dr didn't say much but he says its nash nonalcoholic statepathis or whatever how severe is the fibrosis please somebody help me thanks

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As fibroscan is at times difficult to interpret , your pcp is going to be your best source of information on what these values mean to you. Normally a minimum of 10 successful readings are used in this test, so I am not sure why only 8 were taken. There is some variance in the readings and this needs to be explained. Best of luck.

Febeli57 in reply to 66766

No really?? I paid 100 euros for this test and it's not saying anything? Makes me even more sad

briccolone in reply to Febeli57

100 euros? Absolute bargain - if I had those fibroscan scores I’d be pretty happy....I’ll leave it at that!

Please wait until you hear from your pcp and then make a decision if it was money well spent. The iqr is usually stated as a %, so I am not sure what is going on there. Do you have a CAP score listed on your results? With most etiologies anything less than 7.2 is within the normal range. With some over this you need to get with your pcp and have him explain this result in detail.

Febeli57 in reply to 66766

He only said that ist 7 in some places but overall I can live to a 100 years with this liver which is nice although I dont feel like it could be true and I have a feeling the doctor is just trying to give me hope but I want the truth even if it hurts thanks

Kristian in reply to Febeli57

Have you ever considered that what you are being told by your doctor is actually the truth. Why would they tell you anything else? It would be against their code of ethics to do so.

I'll make another photo close up in the light so you can see it better one sec


I for one would be sceptical about anyone on here posting a response to these readings.

I myself am not qualified to make a comment or carry out a diagnosis. I certainly wouldn't make any prognosis, so please be careful about what others may say and don't get to worrying.

If I was to be totally honest, I don't think it was a very good idea to post these results up on here, even though I can understand your anxiety and concern.

I hope your able to find the answers you seek from your consultant.

Good luck.

Hi Febeli, your total kPa score is normally a median/average taken across all of your successful readings. So you have 8 good readings - you add all those up and divide by 8 giving you the shown (average) stiffness kPa score of 6.1 (I actually made it 6.3 when I did the sums). 6.1 kPa score with a suggested diagnosis of NASH or NAFLD would indicate F0-F1 fibrosis based on the fibroscan score chart for those conditions and it should be reversible. Many fibroscans also give a CAP score and that would show how much fatty infiltration there was in the liver.

Do seek more proper advice from your consultant though. I am only making an educated suggestion based on lots of reading and research. Sadly we get lots of posters who have this type of scan and get given numbers without the appropriate discussion as to what on earth they actually mean.


Febeli57 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you very much that was all I was trying to hear so the readings only mean something altogether?? Not taken individually? Because there was one reading of 8. Something thanks for your input Katie always helpful


Hello ,

Welcome to the forum where you will be able to get advice and support from others with experience of liver disease.

However, this is not a medical forum and none of the members are qualified to diagnose or give specific medical advice. Users are advised to NOT post test results or scans and request an interpretation from other members. This is clearly stated in the guidelines to both this forum and Health unlocked.

Test results vary according to both the individual’s whole health and the specific laboratory / medical team analysing the results.

To avoid misinterpretation and undue concerns, results can only properly be understood by a qualified medical practitioner with full knowledge of your unique medical history and circumstances.

Please don’t be discouraged from using the forum as there are members with a great deal of understanding and knowledge of living with liver disease as a patient or carer. They will be able to give you the benefit of that experience with understanding and empathy that can only come from those with first hand involvement.

On British Liver Trust website you will find a great deal of information about liver disease / health from trusted sources.

Best wishes

Volunteer Moderator


Go back to your doctor to get all the information you require especially as you've paid .... get your money's worth if I were you! He's the one whose actually qualified to do so.

Sorry ain't got answer but all mine after loads of greif seeing liver dr fibro scan all it said was no scarring and I do not have cirrohosis and I don't have nothing wrong with liver and discharged me as a chronic abuse to myself I no I'm no in all clear but like u it's a nightmare hugs x


They are very good scores, anything 7 and under is classed as mild or NO fibrosis.

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