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Any Fibroscan (ALD) success stories?

Any Fibroscan (ALD) success stories?

I would like to know if anybody on this board reduced their (ALD) fibroscan results from around 22 KPa (ALD scale posted below) back to normal after abstaining from alcohol including some diet restrictions "Minimal Salt and Sugar"? My fibroscan was taken the day after drinking for ever. I am now 15 day sober since then. I do have a mild fatty liver with no abnormalities, all other organs are normal, (BMI of 35, now 33 after 2 weeks of abstinence), no symptoms, no other medical conditions, and I believe the scan was taken with an older model Fibroscan, as it did not provide the CAP results, which is known to inflate KPa results.

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Hi Phil-yes there are definitely good news stories of that kind on this forum. Having a fibroscan the day after drinking over a long period will almost certainly be a skewed result. I would expect some improvement in a months time-can't guarantee it will normalize but should improve-exercise, diet,abstinence will all help

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Seen my Gastrologist today, and the best that I have taken from our conversation was:

The Doctor that took my Fibroscan studied in Paris on this equipment and my gastrologist stats that regardless of the Fibroscan Model he stands behind her. If she suspects Cirrhosis, it mostly likely Cirrhosis. And, the only thing I can do at this time to easy my mind if I have cirrhosis or not? Is to have a biopsy. He told me the next step rule out Varices and Portal Hypertension is a Endoscopy? As ultrasound and all the other scans do not detect it. If I should have it will confirm cirrhosis and if not, would only result in an inconclusive. He told I should have it done regardless because If I do have it, it can be very dangerous. He mentioned that new research has shown that early/mild cirrhosis maybe reversible. He said it takes around 7 years for each stage to normalize. He told me to abstain from alcohol, lose weight, and exercise, then I can live a long a fruitful life with Mild Cirrhosis. At a glance told me he does suspect ascites without a physical examination. My Blood work is not in yet since abstinence. Now, my big question is? Take a wait and see approach before I decide on a Biopsy? He says that I do not need one yet, it just to easy my mind and to rule in/out cirrhosis.

He did not want to speculate on all the information I have gathered concerning the possible inaccuracies of the Fibroscan with regards to the model, ALD Fatty Liver issues that may affect the results. He also stated I could have drank copious amounts of alcohol before the scan and it would not have made a difference in the results. We concluded I do not need to see him again till after the Endoscopy, ultrasound, and blood work. (Biopsy if I so choose) results in 6 months. Thus far I am now sober for the past 16 days and lost 12 Lbs. Please any educated comments would be greatly appreciated.


yeah-I am not surprised by those comments. nevertheless the fibroscan scores should reduce with abstinence. Ultrasound would be useful because it is an indicator of cirrhosis. His comments on Cirrhosis generally are positive. please keep posting on this best wishes K

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Hiya I can only say that from my ultrasound in hospital in January with alcohol induced hepatitis showing a few things including fat, inflammation etc to the one in July, it had gone back to normal, I have not drunk since Jan 10th or thereabouts and don't intend to either and had been drinking copious amounts for about 6 or so weeks before joining the Simpsons with a star role.

My fibroscan in September was 5.3Kpa, all bloods normal on last check but not due to see the consultant until November...so not sure what, if anything, will continue..or be concluded...

The liver is a remarkable organ, I can't possibly say I now exercise a lot as I'm pretty much housebound and my diet isn't wonderful either but my love of all things cake has been restricted and I drink lots of water.

All the very best to you and I'm glad to read you stopped drinking.

Best wishes,



What was your fibroscan results and/or other results last January?



I've only had 1 fibroscan I didn't have one whilst in hospital . I don't know all my blood results as they were daily in hospital, I know ALT was high and bilirubin and the results of the endoscopy was ok. I left hospital on 40mgs of prednisolone and Thiamin and Vit B compound strong. I've had 2 ultrasounds. Latest normal. Bilirubin and alt and all other levels now normal.

I'd have to dig out my discharge papers to see exactly what they wrote but there's no point comparing like for like obviously as we are all physiologically different.


Hey Phil, it is KJM from MDJunction. The day after drinking, your liver was surely still very inflamed. I just say another good news story somebody with F4 scan after stopping. Now F0-F1, so keep holding tight, 6 months into recovery will give you a much more accurate picture. Hoping for the best brother, just stay away from the poison at all expenses. Eat right and try to exercise, you may get surprised on the next scan. Even if it comes back somewhat high as long as you get out of cirrhosis range, there is room for improvement.

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Thanks KJM, I just do not understand my Gastroenterology telling me that I could have been drinking copious amounts the night before the test and It would have not made a difference? That blows me away, back a few steps into confusion and despair? I believe I asked you this before? Maybe, on the other site? Is there a direct correlation between GGT Levels and Liver Stiffness and/or Inflammation? I am not referring to the GOT (AST) as I am below 100 (59 last July) which does not apply to me in the Detox Research done by Fibroscan Gurus. I know I have a Mild Fatty Liver form my Ultrasound results and my BMI is 35, not my finest. I am now down to 32, and lost 15 Lbs after 16 days of Sobriety.


High levels of GGT are seen when the liver is inflamed. If your GGT was elevated, chances are your liver was still very inflamed. BMI is pretty high, that also can increase the stiffness if a fibroscan. Do you know if they used the regular probe or the XL probe? A BMI of over 30 kg/m2 is defined as obese and means your health is at risk. There are many factors in this situation that can cause the fibroscan to be elevated. Again, treat it as you have cirrhosis right now, stay healthy then get another scan in 6 months. I do think a biopsy might be conducive to your situation. I would wait until the doctor thinks it is safe enough and after another fibroscan later in a few months. Also, what are you platelets looking like?


Hey Guys, my Blood Work is in.

This blood work was done 8 days after my Fibroscan (22 KPa). And 8 days of Sobriety:

AST: H 102 (5-40)

ALT: H 100 (5-45)

GGT: H 432 (0-60) (From 650 last July)

Phosphate Alkaline (ALP ?): 115 (40-130)

Creatinin: 82 (60-105)

Iron: 30 (6-35)

Protein: 73 (62-82)

Ferritin: H650 (30-400)

Platelets: 152 (140-450)

Bilirubin: 13 (3-21)

Albumin: 45 (35-50)

What I do not understand? The blood work done on the day of my Fibroscan and Heavy Drinking the night and days before? I had an AST: 83 and an ALT: 58. Much lower than my results after 8 Days of Sobriety?

Take it away Boys. Looking forward to hear all your combined wisdom. :)


Just read your last post-how’s it going now?


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