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Split-Liver Leak

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Hi everyone!

I had a split liver transplant 5 weeks ago today and up until a week ago, I had a drain inserted just underneath my liver as bile was leaking out from the split edge. This can happen with split liver transplants, but not always.

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with it and how long it took to settle. I’m finding it makes me breathless and unable to stomach much.

Iv got a scan coming up on Monday so I hope it shows some kind of reduction in the fluid pockets.

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Hope everything settles down for you and the scan brings good news.

Jim and Lucy

Bless Olivia, the consultant at QEHB will be the best one to ask. Your doing great hun xx

My son had a split liver 9 weeks ago and his drains were removed before discharge. When he went home he had 2 pockets of fluid on unltrasound and they did a follow up a couple of weeks later and although still present they had decreased in size. I questioned it this week and apparently they don’t plan to monitor it further so I assume they are not concerned. The surgeon did explain to us about possible bile leak from the split edge (I believe he had the same surgeon as you) so I assume some fluid is normal. My son hasn’t complained about any discomfort but it did take a while to get his appetite back, I guess the fluid may have something to do with that. I hope Mondays scan gives you some reassurance x

Hope it gets better soon. Good luck for the scan on Monday and hope you get some answers xx


Hope you are doing better, I was in QEBH on the 18th having a liver transplant. Mine was a full one and I am slowly getting my appetite back.

Although to drain was removed the wound still leaks a little and need a dressing

I know the hospital will sort you

I am back on Monday for my weekly check, its nearly a second home!


Thank you so much. My surgeon was Mr Perera.

I’m so thankful for my surgery but along with my enlarged spleen i feel quite top heavy and uncomfortable. I’m sure it will reduce and settle soon. It has reduced in the last 2 weeks when the drain was in.

I’ll see what they say Monday.

Thanks everyone.


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