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Liver Pain

I Was Diagnosed With AlcoholiC Fatty fatty Liver A Year AgO Through An Ultrasound And Blood Test. I Stopped Drinking eveRyday, But Continued To Drink In excess On The WeekendS. After A Solid Weekend Of Partying I Woke Up With Liver Pain. It Is Scary!

I HaveNotHad A DrinkInSixWeeks. ThePain IsStill There, But NoT As Bad. My Question Is Has AnyOne Had ThisExperience And HowLong DidThePainLast?

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you have to stop drinking immediately! go back to the Doctor and get checked out again, fatty liver is nothing to ignore! you need to change diet and exercise, but please see the doctor again to discuss


If you are really serious then you must take notice of what I tell you. I have had a transplant due to excessive alcohol intake but I had to stop drinking and have irregular blood tests on demand for a year to prove this before I was placed on the transplant list. I then waited 18 months still receiving blood tests before my turn arrived. Now please take notice - there is a desperate shortage of donor livers (your waiting for someone to die) and they are not wasted on people who will continue to abuse their new liver so unless you stop drinking you will stand no chance of receiving one. It is that simple please STOP DRINKING if you want to continue living.


Hi, don't mean to sound harsh but if you've been told you have fatty liver and carried on drinking what did you expect. I know you think its just at the weekend let alone to excess as well, but that doesn't make any difference. You need to stop drinking completely. Fatty liver disease can be reversed but only if you stop for some considerable time. If you don't and carry on it will get worse and you don't really want that. So stop while you have the chance. I know what i'm talking about, i'm only 40 and have cirrhosis caused through alcohol. I no longer drink and it can be difficult, but it is worth it. All the best.


Thank you for the replies. Nbee, you do not sound harsh at all. My doctor told me to cut down a lot and to go 3 or 4 days a week with no alcohol. I cut down a lot and quit drinking during the week completely. I guess I figured I was doing good and following doctors orders. I am hoping my ALD has not progressed. I have a doctors appointment coming up. It is scary that my liver stills hurts after 6 weeks of abstinence. It is hard not drinking, but you all know that! The pain is a constant reminder and makes it a little easier I guess. My last blood test showed slightly elevated AST and ALT, but bilirubin and albumin were in the normal range. I hope this means it hasn't progressed. I will know more this week.


do you have any other issues? feeling tired, dizzy, loss of appetite?

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I Do Have Constant Fatigue. Appetite Has Been Good , Even Better Than When I Was drinking. My Only Symptoms Are Feeling Tired And ThE Liver Pain.


Hi there thought I would mention that I agree with ancientadolecent.

You do need to stop drinking full stop. I'm only 40 years old and I have alcohol cirrhosis, on the wagon for 20 months. The hospital and will not be able to help you if you developed liver complications and you are drinking... Good luck & all the best.


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