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First post

Hi all,

This is my first post as I'm a newbie here.

I was diagnosed last year with liver cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse.

Since being abstinent for over a year now I no longer have ascites and life is pretty good. However, I don't know anyone else with this condition and sometimes feel like I have a death sentence even though the Dr says this isn't the case at all.

I'm told by my gp and specialist how well I'm doing so maybe I'm just a bit of a hypochondriac!

I now work in a treatment centre helping others and do motivational talks to people suffering from alcoholism.

However, I'm good at giving others hope but am sometimes maybe hard on myself.

Sorry if I sound like I should chill out as there's others worse than me, but have been advised to join a support group with people that have the same or similar condition.

Many thanks guys


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Hi Kirk brilliant news on giving up and turning your life around ...

There are plenty of people on here who are living with cirrhosis because the liver is such a wonderful organ and can repair itself especially when it's not being abused.

It's understandable your still nervous I was like that after a coma for a year or two but the more time what passes you will relax and realise you are ok

It's a wonderful site this and we all understand the big and small gripes

Long may your good health continue x


Hey thanks Jojo,

Yeah, I guess I'm still new to all this and should be grateful I'm even alive after the amount of abuse I put my body through!

Glad you're doing well after being in a coma...makes me wonder what I'm moaning about!

I've been looking through this site and it seems great.

Thanks for your reply as it helps knowing that its not all doom and gloom. X


None of us realise the damage we can cause otherwise I think we would of been more cautious before but alas here we are but well and alive that's the most important thing x

Hope it makes it easier knowing a lot of us on here know how it feels

Where abouts are you if you don't me asking


I'm from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. UK.

Loads of AA meetings around here but so far don't seem to be many with the same problem.

Then again, they may have the same but just don't want to mention it. X

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My situation sounds very similar. Gave up the drink after discovering in quite dramatic fashion that I had varices last June. I've lost 4 stone, and apart from occasionally getting a bit tired (I work full time in a pretty manual job) I feel pretty bloody good!

I'm from the other end of the Golden Valley, so maybe it's the Gloucestershire water!


Wow, somebody close by.

Fair play Dave it seems like you are doing great! I take it you wanted to lose the weight though?

Yeah life is so much better after drink. Thanks for your reply buddy.

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Anything deep fried, or pastry, plays absolute havoc with my insides, so with that gone, and no cider, the weight just fell off by itself. Been a steady 13st for a few months now, so not planning on losing any more. Don't really miss drinking. Never felt I had a dependency problem, just partied too hard and for too long. Managed to cram in my life's quota by 45yo, so now it's coffee time! 😀

As you say, good to meet someone local!


That was the same with me. Partying hard EVERY day for around 15 years!

Finally caught up with me though and in the end days of drinking it was everyday as I became physically dependent on it.

Not a nice place to be when you need it to just to feel normal. However, I'm one of the lucky ones that managed to survive by kicking the habit when I know so many people that didn't make it!

I didn't want to be a statistic.

Onwards and upwards now.


Well done for staying off the drink, you should be ready proud of yourself . That goes for everyone else that have stayed off the drink too.Take care



Thanks Lynne.

Wish I'd done it years ago but I've come to the conclusion that I had to take it as far down the scale (apart from death) as it would take me before giving it up.

Since I have cirrhosis because of drink, I'm hoping that now the substance that caused it is out of the equation, it will remain stable.

Thanks for your kind reply. X

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You are very welcome. Take care

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