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Hi I had a liver transplant a year ago and wanted to ask other post transplant people a question. I have queried this with the consultants and they have said alls well so just wondering if others have the same symptoms. Sometimes my new liver really bloats up and swells and other times it goes really tight like its got cramp without the pain. It doesnt really hurt but just uncomfortable. Does any one else get similar feelings. Cheers :-D

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  • I have had similar sensations (3 years post transplant) and have put it down to imagination as I have had no other adverse symptoms.

  • Hmm. I am 18 months post transplant, and while I don't feel that the liver is swelling up, I do get quite a 'tight' sensation around my scar tissue from time to time. All my liver tests are normal, so I am assuming my body is still adjusting to the scar

  • Thank you Mike8702 & nutrimar for your answers. At least I know now that I am not the only one. It just feels so weird sometimes but I suppose I will get used to it. I have called my liver David so I just tell him off when he is acting up. Lol. Not that he listens. He was from a young lad in his early twenties, thats all I could find out. Any of you now diabetic because of the steroids? I am but hoping to stop this if steroids decrease, on a low carb high fat diet for this to keep it under control. Doing quite well with this. Other than that I am doing very well and very happyoto be alive and kicking. Keep smiling :-D

  • Sometimes a little "full" feeling if I lie on my right but not really. Very strange!

  • I have NASH and my mother is waiting for her transplant. It is a dull pain very annoying at times. when the pain comes it cause bloating. With her when she has the pain and bloats she has to have the fluid drained from the exterior wall of her liver. But she gets it done and feel much better when she is finished. So the answer to your question. It is normal to cramp, have a dull pain, and it is annoying. Feel better soon...and she is doing very well also while waiting.

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