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Seems retaining water again


Hi All Reasonably good since hospital visit Nov 17. Weight increase now 101 kg from 94 kg this last month. Started to take water tablet again see how it goes,

China John

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Good luck mate! Been there myself, lost 3 stone in 2 weeks when I started the diuretics.

Chinajohn in reply to RodeoJoe

Thank you That is encouraging. Fast growing out of my wardrobe. Does the water retention problem eventually recover?

RodeoJoe in reply to Chinajohn

I think it's all a balance. Personally I was on the transplant list and although they worked at first they stopped working after a while and transplant solved it.

But I've hear that people can control it by the meds, diet and liquid.

Chinajohn in reply to RodeoJoe

Thank you. Theres hope yet. Not on list a miracle my liver re-compensated I suppose to a point. 30 + years of heavy drinking pickled the liver. Lucky to be here abstinence was surely a plus nearly 18 years Dry

Unfortunately, until the liver is working properly the water retention will become a fact of life. You'll probably find that you'll be taking the tablets for a bit, then be able to stop them, before having to restart them. If they keep working and your body can cope with them, then that'll probably continue.

I note your weight gain. I know what you mean there, i think i eventually got to 118kg at one stage. Pre-transplant was at about 108kg, then 4 weeks post transplant went down to 94 kgs. Had legs like a sparrow from legs the Mr Stay Puffed Marshmellow man would have been proud of.

Chinajohn in reply to Kristian

Hi All

My Acsites has returned with a vengence this year two attacks of Spontanous Bacterial Perinatisis. 3months and lose 28kg just had another drain yesterday and a biopsy on Friday of abdomen lining. Doctors still cannot confirm a growth or liver failing or both. See specialist on 5th in Birmigham QE. Now quite ill most days with stomache discomfort and no energy. It seems a little movement walking upsets everything inside and I take to the bed. More lying down that active at the moment

All the Best


Kristian in reply to Chinajohn

Sorry to here this. Hope they get to the bottom of it and maybe get you assessed for TP if needed.

Hi john

That sounds not so good 🙁 but on the plus side you are going to QEHB. Have you been before? If not you will find that they are brilliant - if you have been before I hope you agree 👍.

I can remember that situation you are in. Only trousers I could get on were some very baggy tracksuit bottoms and baggy jumper. Lying down was a pain both metaphorically and physically - just couldn’t get comfortable- so really caught between a rock and... you know!

I am in the liver clinic on the 5th at QEHB as well - at 1500. Look out for a tall chappy with a light blue coat. I will wear a rose in my lapel - not really 🙂, but I will be there for real. I’ll see if I can spot you. So maybe you’ll want to keep your head down 😀🙂.

See ya - maybe 🤞


Oh and by the way I had my TP 👍👍👍 about 15 months ago. Lucky lucky me.

Hi Three smiles

It will be my first visit,not sure I will see you I am there for a 9.00am appointment. Sounds silly but looking forward to it so many drains tests and biopsy plus the endless discomfort . Really knocked me this time now down to 75kg. I read you have had your transplant it must feel like a new life. I started my second life 20 years ago when I finally put the drink down.

All the best John

Hi John

Well done re drink!! I’m on “only” 5 and a half years. Way too late to do any good! 🎼ah well 🎼 🙂

No we won’t meet up because they are pretty good re timings - especially as you may be very near the start 👍. Do please let us all know how you get on though, and what you think of the clinic!


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