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As cites again

I have battled with ascites since diagnosis and was controlling with spirolactone and furosemide. However one doctor will take me off em because of kidney damage the next one along will put me back on them.

If I don’t take spirolactone I fill with fluid within the week and need draining which is a pain to organise.

Spirolactone drives my potassium up and puts me in danger of a seizure. Furosemide can counter this but strips sodium.

The liver team really don’t want me on diuretics at all because of liver damage but I’m permanently in hospital being drained.

Does this increase in fluid build up indicate a worsening of liver performance affecting my mortality?

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I was on and off water tablets for about 2 years until I ended up in hospital with kidney failure so was taken off them completely ... For 6 months I was in once or twice a week for drains and then it just stopped building up but I had my transplant about 2 months later


I’m trying to get aerobically fit but it’s a struggle with so much weight hanging out front and lungs crushed by fluid. I struggle on my static bike now and I’m getting worse even though I pile in protein

I’ll never pass a CPET at this rate.


Jojo I hope you are feeling better re your post a few days ago.

I’m not on tx list and looks like I never will but I can’t say I get really depressed. I just moan mainly to my self 😀

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I have seen and heard of so many people thinking they wouldn't get on the list and I was on and on it like a bloody yo-yo I told them to stop telling me but we all got there please don't give up hope just carry on what your doing which is your best and they will see and notice your commitment to a healthier lifestyle and take note.... I know it's such a frustrating journey and way of life but hang on and we all understand your moans so moan away it makes us feel a run bit better x


I'm on both those pills...Spiro and diuretic. I used to get drained once a week, but after 6 months the ascites stopped. My Doctors are of the mind of "the lesser of evils" and let me decide what's most important to me. For me it's living as comfortable as possible. I don't want the transplant and will do it my way. So far so good. BTW I'm 70 so feel I already lived past lots of my friends. I have blood clots and and a lesion on my kidney, but I'm dealing with it.


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