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As cites,what will happen next.

I am new to this,and not really familiar with terminology etc. We were told last week that my husband has liver cirrhosis and that his kidneys are functioning poorly. He eats very little and is desperately underweight. He is in bed all the time and his muscles are very wasted. Over the last week the water retention in his abdomen has increased quite dramatically. We have been told he cannot have the fluid removed due to infection risk. The cirrhosis is caused by alcohol misuse. I ask for any advice at all. What can we expect and is there anything I can do?

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At a guess the doctors should put him on diuretics, they can be an issue for the kidneys. A dietitian would probably prescribe food supplements to build up his strength. When his strength returns, he might be drained, it is an infection risk. Try to get him to sit up and move as much as possible. Listen to everything that the doctors say and follow it. If you feel the need to google, use NHS sites only.

Good luck and remember to look after yourself.

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Thank you. He has been given diuretics,and I give him over the counter food supplement drinks which he sometimes accepts,sometimes not. I appreciate your response.


Welcome to the forum.

A brilliant source of reliable, trustworthy and fully referenced information can be found on the British Liver Trust website.

As Mark already said, keep clear of anything which isn't backed by a trusted organisation. The internet is full of 'experts' many who are very helpful, but there are also some who, despite being well intentioned may cause confusion, unnecessary fear / anxiety. You might also be given advice or information that is only properly given by your medical / nursing team.

This forum is predominantly UK and the British Liver Trust is based in the United Kingdom. You don't say where you live, that could make a difference as to what you can expect with regards to your future care and treatment.

As for all of the symptoms you describe, there are people on the forum who have a great deal of experience and will be able to give support and advice on living with the disease.

Like many here, my liver disease and subsequent transplant were also due to alcohol. For that reason you can rest assured that you wont ( or shouldn't) feel that your husband will be judged because of the cause of his illness.

Hope you find the forum and website an island of support as you navigate the difficult waters of living with liver disease.


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Great response thank you Jim.

Hidden If you are UK based then our helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am to 14.45. Details on the website.

We hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit.

Warm wishes


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The website is ,as you suggested, providing very welcome information. Blind panic is now subsiding. Thank you. There was never any question of judgement because of the cause of the illness, but the family and I are tortured by feelings of 'was there more we could have done'.

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Leave the past just there, it’s the here and now that matter.

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Well said Mark. Difficult to do but a very crucial, and real piece of advice.

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