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dvla cdt test

I finished a drink drive ban in 2015 resat my driving test and got my licence back but only for 12 month's until I had another medical, I went and had the blood and urine test's which were both fine but admitted taking drug's 6 months previous so they revoked my licence. 12 months later I went for the same tests and my CDT came back at 8.4%, I had calmed the drinking down so couldn't understand it. I went to my doctors who carried out a full blood investigation with no high results. I'm close to having the dvla tests again but don't want to fail them and don't understand why I had such a high result last time !!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Catabolic metabolism (fasting) can bump carbohydrate deficient transferrin, as can poorly managed diabetes or recent weight loss. Other things that can affect CDT are smoking, obesity, hypertension, serum iron, and insulin levels. A ketogenic (low carb) diet can also bump CDT.

You might consider which factors might apply in your case and make appropriate adjustments. Above all, make sure you're eating well in the days leading up to your next test. Loading carbs (pasta, breads, potatoes) may also be helpful. Avoiding excessive workouts and/or exertion might be wise too.

Hope this helps.


I can't find anyone having such a high level iv'e just read a paper stating that at 5.7% you would have sclerosis of the liver is this correct because i'm always in good health


Advanced liver disease can raise CDT too, but you've had a normal CDT not all that long ago? I would think with liver disease CDT would be consistently elevated.

You were also still drinking, but had "calmed it down"? This would contribute to an elevation caused by fasting or perhaps some of the other factors I mentioned above. Do any of these look possible as contributing factors?

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The only test the doctor didn't carry out was a cdt as he was unclear of testing but I've got the blood test results infront of me and there is 29 items tested with no abnormal results and quite a few are listed on the internet as contributing facts for high cdt levels if there levels are found to be abnormal


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