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Ascites and weight gain

Hi. Just wondered if anyone knows how I can tell if I have Ascites. I know I'm not feeling right and have put on weight around my tummy. I had a hysterectomy earlier this year so it has taken me some time to get back to exercise. I have cut right back on my alcohol consumption. I know I've overdone it over the years. A recent blood test showed raised levels but not overly high.

Any advise? I generally feel yuck but have put some of this down to the menopause, age and lack of incentive as working from home. Thanks

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Hi there , well done on cutting down on the alcohol. I have had 4 bouts of ascites in 9 yrs .3 i had drains and one was controlled by soirinalactone . You will know if you have it and that it's not just a few pounds in weight gain.when you lie down your tummy remains upright and taught. Maybe your liver test is slightly high due to medication. See how you feel in a couple of weeks as ascites gets bigger very fast if you are concerned dont hesitate to see your dr ..


I had a recent bout of ascites and it looked as if I was pregnant, as all the extra fluid gathered right under my bust area. I gained 4kg and the ascites were confirmed by ultrasound. I was told that where the fluid was gathering on me was not the usual place, but seeing one of my consultant's team after that, he said that the fluid can gather in pockets, so not everyone will have the same experience. 4kg may not not sound a lot, but it's 4 litres of fluid. I felt as if my skin would not stretch any more and it was difficult to breathe.

I think you would know though if it was normal weight gain/ ascites. But if unsure take a trip to the GP who should be able to confirm/ not. Saying that, the female doctors who examined me said ascites right away. The male doctors told me it was gas!!!

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Hi. Thank you. Did you find out why you had it? Or if it would reoccur. What did they do to help you get rid of it. My retention is also at my bust line


Hi Brambleedge,

We would suggest that you think about making an appointment with your doctors and explain your concerns to them.

Your own doctor is best placed to assess and examine you.

All the very best,

BLT Admin

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