can anyone tell me if ascites leaves the body its self or do you have to have it drained out / or will medicine work?

i have had a ultra scan today and i am told apart from my fatty liver all is fine. but reduce beer and eat well.

I have cut down already on the beer and eat very well including avoiding salts /salty foods?

My story is too long to be written but in a nut shell - i had hep c type 1 low load and completed 48 weeks on the double therapy , however relapsed , then went on to have the treble therapy 48 weeks again to clear the virus which has now been dormant for two years . i am a strong person who has lost his family as a result of catching this virus approx 15 years (as told by a doctor based on the scared liver that seems to be healing itself?) in which i have had two kids who do not have hvc . Any way i have had various symptoms along the way which have come and gone . I had a endoscopy a couple of times and then told i need banding but then never needed them. i have also thought i have the vains on my belly but just found out they are actually stretch marks ..... as my stomach gets big and then reduces ? so i think it must be this ascites.

i am going to be having a fibro scan soon in London , and a follow up with the proff .


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  • Hi Rich,

    Both options aren't without risk but they don't like to leave it to get too bad as it will eventually interfere with your breathing, appetite and maybe heart etc as it fills up your body. Medication such as spironolactone and furosomide will slowly divert the Ascites to your bladder and ultimately the toilet, but is hard work for your kidneys to cope with and your Creatinine level may rise (as happened to me) draining is the other option, but they are wary of allowing infection into the drain site.

    It's really down to the consultants preference.

    As you say, cut right down on the salt, get into a habit of checking the labels when shopping. If you can cut the alcohol right out, as if it comes to you needing a transplant, you will need to prove that you haven't drunk any alcohol for 6 months.

    Hope that helps.


  • Ascites can be seen by ultra sound , so maybe not that at all. Do you suffer from stomach problems, you could be food intolerant, or it could be IBS.

  • Red gave you a good opinion - when you go for the fibro scan and the proff don't forget to ask him about the ascites but if its a just a small amount and seems to come and go of its own accord then doesnt seem to be too worrying

  • I had my ascites gone only with good diet and specially avoiding any salt that's not part of the food.

    I also eat pretty much 100% organic food and almost nothing that I eat comes from a can.

  • thanks all,

    i guess i am now reaching 40 and the eat and drink anything will not apply anymore especially due to my condition.

    i will let you know next month how i got on.



  • Great, good luck Rich.


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