Weight gain with cirrociss

Hi haven't been on for a while I've got cirrociss hep c gen3 p hyper tension enlarged spleen varies oedema in legs mild encelopathy etc etc the reason for the post is I don't eat a lot cereal in morning then something light at tea and some biscuits at night maybe 6 rich tea and that's it I'm 6ft 3 but my weight 6 months ago was 17st which I thought was heavy considering what's wrong and what I eat well now it's gone up to nearly 19st and I don't know what's going on, so is there anyone here who would have an idea thanks bri

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  • Hi I know how you feel I've been on diet after diet but I don't eat a lot, the gp told me the reason I'm putting on weight is I don't eat enough, to lose weight I need to eat about 2000 calories a day she said I'm lucky if I eat 1000 so maybe if you tried to eat a bit more it might help

    love and best wishes chelli xxx

  • Hi cheli I'm the same but I honestly don't have that appetite to eat what your allowed calories wise I think a man is 2 or2.5 thousand a day but I'm lucky to get half of that otherwise I'd have to be force fed so I dunno I know the midriff part of me seems to be like a balloon filled with water because it wobbles every where else I look gaunt and that's my daughter saying it so I just dunno thanks bri

  • Hi chelli did uping your k cals make u lose weight thanks bri

  • Hi sorry I tried to up my calories it only made me sick so I'm sorry to say I'm still overweight just can't get the weight to go

    love and wishes chelli xxx

  • Thought that same as so have to see what consultant says tomoz thanks bri xx

  • Hi cheli I've posted about today thanks for the help bri xx

  • It sounds like fluid retention, maybe Ascites. Can you phone your doctor? It can suddenly come on and continue to build more fluid.

  • Yes thanks for that but I've had a lot of ct scans ultra sounds etc but they always say there not alot of fluid gotta see the consultant Wednesday but I know he'll palm me off

  • I'm gonna ask the consultant on Wednesday to try a drain or something as it's getting me down now thanks bri

  • I had my first drain a month ago after taking care of the problem myself for years. I almost entirely quit eating and drinking and by the time of the drain there was only a liter or so and so it went really well. I really hate ascites and this damnable fluid retention. It's gets to me too. Best wishes

  • Many thanks hoping your not to bad bri

  • Hi again did the litre you had drained make much difference thanks bri

  • Yes it made a huge difference. So far I am keeping most of the fluid off. The procedure really was not frightening for me once I was there ready to face it. I wish you well.

  • I would definitely get checked out with your doctor , a mans daily Intake of calories is 2500 , your diet as little as it is is has no nutrition at all . As you know too must have a nutritious diet with Calcikm and protein , I have had Cirrosis 3 times , always in my tummy and I looked 9 months pregnant , I am only small framed , but you know when it's acites , my tummy did not wobble it was quiet ridged , go to your doctor or even A&E . Good luck .. Linda

  • Xan I ask how much did u have drained off thanks linda

  • I had three drains , the first one was 18 litres , the second was 12 litres the third was 10 litres . I did get ascites in 2014 but was not drained I was given spiranolactone 50 mg tabs to take twice a day , it clearer up on its own within two months where I was on 200 mg spiranolactone and 100 mg fruozemide before my first ever drain was done , as my liver was in such a bad way they had to resort to the drains . Hope you have sorted things out since your post 👍.. Linda

  • Tommorow see the consultant thank you bri xx

  • Good luck bri ! Hope things get sorted .. Linda Xx

  • Thanks Linda I've put a post on here as to how it went today bri xx

  • Oh have you ! I will have a read . Thank you bri ! Hope you had some answers xx

  • Hope to hear how it goes. Best wishes.

  • I've put a post on here just now thanks for your help bri xx

  • Hi,

    it sounds like build up of fluid , make some changes to your diet if you can , replace cereal with porridge ...very filling and oats are a natural diuretic, watch your salt intake. Dietary changes made a big difference to my husband who was in a similar situation. Best wishes 😊

  • Hi can I ask what sort of food did your husband change to and did this work thanks bri

  • Hi, I'll drop you a message tomorrow😊

  • Hi, my weight has shot up despite eating healthily and consultant hepatologist diagnosed Ascities (fluid on abdomen). I was getting very depressed when myvclothes wouldn't fit. was given a bed at hospital this morning for a drain but couldn't get there. it's worth you finding out if you have same. best of luck


  • Hi julie thanks for that and sorry you missed your drain did they look by ultrasound or the tapping thanks bri

  • Hi, mine is obvious as I look 9 months pregnant, but hepatologist tapped me to confirm. May hopefully get a bed tomorrow, fingers crossed


  • Good luck. I hope you find relief soon. Aloha

  • Your a lovely lady, good luck with your own personal health battle

    Julie xx

  • Thank u jules for your help I've just posted now thanks bri xx

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