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Ascites: Weight vs litres>

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Dear all

I have cirrhosis- non alcohol related. Two years ago I developed bleeding varices, but when they did an endoscopy, they had stopped bleeding so no further action was taken. About 6-8 weeks ago, I developed ascites. I did not recognise it at first, I think I will if it happens again. I was put on spirironolactone, and in the month of December have lost 15kg-- approx 2 stone. I note others are able to say how many litres of fluid were drained from them. I haven't had a drain as such, but was wondering how much fluid (approximately) would 15kg account for...can anyone advise?



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1 litre = 1 kilogram

Hi Tara, not sure if this is any help but I personally have found no connection between my weight and the amount of ascities I drain.When I was first diagnosed 28 months ago I had lost 5stone and was draining around 7litres a week. Over the months I put back on the weight I lost and at the peak I drained 9 litres a week. I am now back to my original weight and am only draining 1 litre a week. From what I understand there is a connection but I’m still not sure what that is.

I hope this is of some help and good luck.

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taar in reply to dexiondave

Thanks for the help! Taar

As TT2018 says 1kg equals 1 litre. Great that the diuretic is working, they didn’t for me and I regularly had paracentesis👍

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Thank you for getting back to me. Taar

1kg = 1L !

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Thank you, nice and easy to understand!

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