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Im 18 and I worry i have an enlarged liver

Hi guys im 18 years old, been having some bowel problems lately, booked for a colonoscopy, hoping nothing shows up, however, my anxiety is killing me. First of all my anxiety was running around about colon cancer, now im worried if I have it could it be spreading? like I have a lump, you can visibly see under my right pick, its a bit tender and goes across to the middle of my chest , I basically never drink and when I do its small amounts, I saw a doctor, he didn't take much notice of what I was trying to tell him. I have a doctors appointment this coming week to see what it is. Could this be anything but an enlarged liver?

I have had diarrhea for the past month (hence the colonoscopy), Pains in the morning before I go to the toilet, passes after im done. (I have had a yellow poo every now and then, nothing too pale). My doctor seems to this its a reoccurring viral infection or something like that. I had an ultrasound 4 days ago and my liver was normal, this seemed to come up a day before my ultrasound, but not sure how quickly it could become enlarged. Pretty much just looking for answers.

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FYI no weight loss yet.



I'm sorry you're struggling. You do indeed sound very anxious.

Although only your doctor can diagnose you, your symptoms don't sound liver related.

Stay off google, speak to your doctor and given your age, it's more likely than not that your symptoms are due to something like a virus. Ask for blood tests! They're a good start to know what's going on with your body!

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Yeah I got some blood test which came high in something (which indicated the doctor to think I had a parasite or something, however the stool test that I took came back clear).


Hello Eurotrash I Have Non Alcohol Fatty Liver.. Alt 49 Fibroscan Report 5.3 kpa and CAP 320. I Have Some Abdomen Pain And Not Clear to Toilet.... Please Advice Me... I am Now Very Upset Mint Stage Stay...


Hi, i was sent to hospital with what gp suspected were kidney stones, turned out to be my bowel (diverticulitis). Your bowel covers a large area and you can get pain in random referred places from it(mine was in kidney area round left side spreading to back). Im no doctor but your problems sound bowel related to me as you mention pain eases after a movement. Try to be reassured by the clear ultrasound. If your liver is enlarged your dr will probably be able to feel it just by prodding your tummy,also as eurotrash said bloods would be helpful. Im not sure about the lump,only your dr can speculate on that. I do hope the dr and colonoscopy brings you some peace of mind,until then try not to worry too much. Xxx


I just read that and I really should change my nickname here!



You're 18, have you got a lot going on in your life? I ask because I can just about remember back then, but my life was actually pretty rough. This time of year I'm actually looking to 17 1/2 not 18 but close enough. I had mock exams, lots of family caring issues and it felt like I had no one to talk to. I couldn't focus on anything and it was around that time I ended up on diazepam. I was on it for a few weeks. I had another couple of spells on it when I was at work. I didn't get good enough grades and I couldn't face more pressure so I got a job at 18.

Basically until I reduced some of the pressures on me I struggled. The diazepam wasn't the answer, but it was a long-time ago, and what I got given to deal with it. Nowadays I hope someone would have listened to me. What really helped me was finding someone a work colleague of my own age who I could talk to about the issues in my life and that helped me take control of my life. It also helped that I could understand some of their problems we were just handling them differently.

Nowadays I'd have been kicked out of my job, but they stuck with me then, thank goodness.

A lot of difficult things happening can impact on your health. I'm not a doctor, but if there are other issues that might be affecting it is important to explore them as well. Lack of sleep, diet issues, stress, lack of exercise (because you have constant studies or assignments), lack of just being able to switch off for a while and do something fun can all be a problem. I can't walk more than a few metres now, and only safely indoors, so my dream of fun is to be able to just go for a run in a park, or perhaps go hill walking. I'd look a sight but I wouldn't care.

Get things checked out, blood tests can show a lot of things so they are a good place, but don't rely on Google for everything, it has nearly scared me to death more than once because so many symptoms can be linked to so many things.

Good luck



Sounds like IBS to me but go check it anyway for your own peace of mind. Chances you have colon cancer at 18 are slim to none... I had my colonoscopy at 32 because of my brother. also very similar symptoms because of my anxiety. No cancer and not even polyps.


Hi if it might be ibs try drinking a yakult or similar live yoghurt daily. I found it helped massively. Also can help with loose stools to. Good luck x


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