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Elevated liver wnzymes

Hello! I’m new here and scared crazy. I am driving myself nuts and really need some advice.

History: 38 year old active female. Run 50 minutes most days a week and weight train 5 or 6 days. My AST and ALT was high so doctor told me to stop drinking and retest in a week. THis time my AST (65) and ALT (75) but increased slightly but my GGT is normal and my Creatine Kinase is 390. What could be causing this? I'm scared.

Only mess I am on is low dose of Prozac, and thyroid meds. I have no thyroid due to cancer.

I will be the first to admit that I am/was a heavy drinker. I was married to a drinker for many years and I didn’t even realize how out of control the lifestyle was. My liver had a break when I was pregnant and trying to get pregnant with my girls (youngest is 11). After I left my ex I slowed down significantly but over the last 2.5 years averaged 2 standard drinks a day. Yes I know, not good at all. I’m so mad at myself that I left life and stress cause me to use alcohol to relax. Anyway any words of wisdom would be helpful.

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You say you weight train, do you take supplements to help that? For example creatine or other protein products. My understanding is that Cretinine is produced by the body's natural breakdown of muscle. This is an entirely normal process. The creatinine is then removed from your body by the kidneys. However if you have lots of muscle, or take such supplements, then I believe this can lead to an increase in creatinine in the body. Whether this is creatinine kinase or some other form of creatinine I do not know. I also couldn't say if this was the cause of your particular blood result. You may though wish to check it out and see what you think. May be something to ask your doc next time you see him/her. You also seem to be on other meds too. Maybe also be worth asking if those could be contributing to your rise in liver enzymes.

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Thanks for your response! I only use protein powder to get my calories and protein intake up but no other supplements. I am not a very big girl at 110 lbs but I am mostly muscle if that matters. I have myself sick with worry that my liver is in severe distress. I don’t have a drinking problem but didn’t realize how much I was using alcohol to calm myself. This is definitely a wake up call but I would like to be able to enjoy a drink or two through out the week in my future.

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And I really hope that since my ggt is normal that is a good sign. Albumin and bilirubin is normal as well

From my experience all those would be good signs. But your doctor would confirm that for you. If you have a read up on creatinine tests and what can influence them that should hopefully give you a bit more info than I can. Being a bit more musclely, if I remember rightly, can have an influence as can a high protein intake. But do discuss that with your doctor. I am also saying this with the assumption that your creatinine level is on the high side. Each lab has their own 'reference range', so for your lab that may be normal. So thats something else to check.

I appreciate your concerns, and I suppose its human nature to always assume the worst. But, not every time will that be the case. Many times there can be quite simple explanations for these things. But really, to get the best reassurance, speak to your doctor about your concerns. They'll be more than happy to give you a truthful answer. If nothing else you'll know where you stand.

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You are definitely correct about talking to the doctor and I did and will continue to. He is sending me for an ultrasound to rule out alcohol damage and I’m sure he is just being cautious but it is scaring the crap out of me. And yes the muscle enzymes are elevated according to the lab range.

Strenuous exercise can raise both AST and Creatine Kinase. Protein supplements can affect creatine too. You might want to try taking a break from the protein and exercise the week before your next labs. Normal GGT is a very good indicator your issues are not alcohol related. Hope this helps.

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Thanks and that does help. I mentioned that to the dr and he said that is true but not always the case. I have an ultrasound tomorrow which is driving me insane with worry.

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What does ggt stand for?

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I am not a doctor but from what I have read and know, I'd stop taking the protein supplements until I'd know my liver is fine and that it is ok to taking them. I'd even want the doctor to sign a letter confirming they are safe for me.

People who exercise a lot and body builders do have elevated liver values. Try to eat healthily and help your poor liver as much as you can.

Try not to worry about tomorrow. Good luck.

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