Steroids and facial hair

Hi all, I have AIH and Cirrhosis. I have just been weaned off steroids and trying to see if I can manage taking azathoprine by itself.

The steroids gave me a few side affects one being facial hair. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and if so, does the hair clear away after finishing on steroids?

Thank you in advance Sue.

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  • Hi Sue, I already had issues like that due to PCOS but it got heaps worse when I was on prednisolone definitely and is now back to how it was But equally I'm peri menopausal which doesn't help

  • Thank you Miche45uk for your response. I feel as though everyone notices the facial hair, although they probably don't and it's just me being paranoid. I'm really happy to hear that it's possible that it may clear away. So sorry that you're still suffering and hopefully it will disappear once and for all for you soon. Look after yourself and again, thank you.

  • Ah I've had issues like it for 30 years and I totally relate to how it makes you feel! Hope it stops soon for you. X

  • I should add a ps that equally my hair fell out heaps later on... it's stopped now and grown back.. probably post having had Hepatitis, often our hair is the last thing to suffer

  • Oh nooo. I hope this won't be the case for me as I have very thin hair as it is, I couldn't cope with it going any thinner. I'm pleased for you that yours has grown back.

  • Thanks I'm relieved :) x

  • I'm also relieved I've stopped eating constantly lol! Steroids are a pain but serve a good purpose xx

  • Yep, the eating, weight gain, moon face and now diabetes. The steroids have a lot to answer to, but now I seem to be getting the pains back in my stomach and joints. Can't win really eh!

    I do hope you're getting on top of everything and you have loads of good rather than bad days. xx

  • I didn't get moonface or diabetes so I guess I was lucky really I'm just tired every day but that could be meds, PTSD, anxiety, goodness knows, I've given up guessing. I know I'm much luckier than many here and I'm not in constant pain. I count my blessings and hope you have more good days than bad too xx

  • May be steroid product that you have been taking may cause extra hair growth on your face.Steroids some time act like growth hormone causing excessive hair growth all over the body

    Cessation of steroids may turn your face toward normal. Thanks

  • I'm lucky that it was only my face although, I wouldn't have minded if it was on my scalp. It seems to be around my side's of my face and my chin, no moustache. It's slightly on my cheeks too, luckily for me I'm fair skinned and hair so it probably doesn't show as much as if I was dark haired. Thank you for your response

  • Hi Sue

    I haven't been on steroids for my liver but about 30 years ago I had weeks of them for a sinus problem. As a young mum trying to work and care for her kids looking like (that's how it felt) teen wolf wasn't much fun. I decided not to do anything about them as I thought I could make matters worse. In those days you could actually be off sick if you were not well, so I had some time away from work. I stopped the steroids and the additional facial hair went. I had the weight gain,moon face the lot.

    I started the menopause at 37/38. Now as a 59 year-old I am having facial hair problems again. Not sure if that is me being lucky or what, but I have to be honest I hate ever having anything steroidal now.

    All I can say is I would still have steroids if I need them, but I think I would now be less embarrassed and ask my doctor who could advise me about the best way to manage the facial fungus.

    My main Bitch was that I also found the hair on my scalp thinned. Why couldn't it stimulate that scalp not the rest of the face and even one or two other areas, I didn't want. The steroids would have been much better giving me help with my sinus condition (which I still have) and energy to cope with two young boys.

    Best of luck with everything.


  • Hi G

    I did show my consultant at hospital but I think she was trying to make me feel better about the hair saying she couldn't see it.

    I started on 60mg of Prednisolone and it didn't really take much time after that the hair growth appeared. I'm hoping it'll disappear just as quick although I'm not seeing any signs of it as yet. My eldest daughter told me to leave them where they are or I'm chancing making it grow more so I took heed of that. I do hope you don't suffer to much and you escape the steroids again. I hope you also get your sinuses sorted soon.

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue. After 37 years I have got used to the sinus problem. I rarely use the nasal spray because it has some steroids in it unless it gets really bad. It is amazing what you get used to.

    Your daughter is right best to leave them. My problem now is probably more down to being very definitely post menopause. I'd better be after 20 years, but I won't take any additional chances with steroids if I can avoid it.

    The chances are the hairs due to the steroids are only fine they feel more obvious than they really are. Depending on where they are mine was on my cheeks, I found shaping my hair round helped to disguise it a bit.

    Best of luck they will take a while but they most likely will go.

    Take care and good health wishes


  • I feel most uncomfortable having them on my chin rather than the ones at the side's and cheeks. I'm 61 and have never had to take steroids before, I'm hopeful that I won't be taking them again as long as the Azathioprine keep me going.

    I do hope you get on the mend sooner rather than later. Best wishes to you.

    Sue x

  • Yes, me too! Facial hair grew. Hair on my head thinned alarmingly! Face was swollen and fat. To name just a few of the awful side effects. It does improve as you reduce or come off of the steroids but takes time. Hope your treatment goes well.

  • Thank you Sherrych. They certainly put us through our paces don't they. I'm seeing my consultant on Wednesday so hopefully I'll be Told I'm coping without the steroids.

    I wish you all the best

    Sue x

  • I sure hope so! The steroids are so awful! I too have AIH but not cirrhosis. My doctor said I was very close but not yet. But he doesn’t want to take me off the steroids at all. Says I should take them from now on. Even went so far as to say he won’t treat me any longer if I don’t do as he prescribes. I’m very interested in the fact your doctor is willing to get you off the mess.

  • She said it's because of all the side affects I was getting. Tomorrow I'm hoping to see if I'm coping without steroids. My consultant has just left for pastures new so I'll be seeing a new consultant. I'm hoping he/she works on line to the last one. I'll be waiting to hear he/her say "all's going well".

    I do feel for you, hearing you'll be permanently on steroids, I think I'd be pulling my hair out. Great though you've not got cirrhosis. I wish you well. Sue x

  • Why can't the steroids just make us look and feel ten years younger, and our skin being rejuvenated rather than the facial hair.


  • I need a tardis to do that I think lol xx

  • Knowing my luck it would go the wrong way.


  • Hahaha

  • 😀

  • If only. The dry skin that comes with everything is driving me nuts. Not sure if it's the AIH or meds that cause this. It's a pity we don't get warning signs from the start of the illness to enable to get treatment straight away.

    Sue x

  • Hi sue

    What cream are you using to help?


  • Hi G

    I've just been using Aveena (or at least I think I've named it correctly lol) for my body and boots #7 for my face and neck. The dry skin is a nghtmare. The hospital gave me one but off hand I can't think its name. x

  • I have to be honest I use an aqueous cream from the pharmacy, when I use anything. I make sure there is virtually nothing in it. No perfume as my skin has always been sensitive to alcohol and perfumes.

    I am also very careful over washing powder and conditioners.

    Clothing has to be natural fibres but mainly cotton or linen. Wearing a merino wool (they are lovely and warm, I get them when they are on offer) vest today, I was coping with it but got warm and had to take it off. Then just had my top on and even that got itchy. So I have to watch the makers I buy from.


  • Oh heck, it must be a bit of a pain for you. I've never had any problems like that, it's just since I got AIH that I got extremely dry skin. Not sure if it's the disease or the tablets that have caused it. x

  • Hi Suzy

    It will sound crazy but the clothing is so much a part of my life I don't usually think about it. I have got so used to wanting to feel certain textures that I now do a kids phrase of yuk when I see something I like and it is man made fibres.

    Mind you, I could cope with high quality silk. As long as someone else did the hand washing. Shame the bank balance can't allow for either.


  • Same happened with me but as other lady I have pcos and had a problem with facial hair anyway but it got a whole lot thicker and I got it around my eyes, cheeks and on my forehead above eyes , I haven't done much apart from bleach it ... I was on 500mg for 5 days a few months ago I looked like a bloody werewolf about 3 weeks later lol anyway I down to 10mg a day at moment and have noticed the thickness is easing

  • Wow Jojo 500mg eek! I'd be the same on that dosage... the worst thing I ever did was shave as I couldn't stand electrolysis. Equally I am dark haired anyway with grey highlights now which doesn't help if you have PCOS and are peri menopausal... the things us women put up with eh! X

  • I know I have applied for laser treatment so many times but they say it's not a necessity but they don't have to live with it and put up with the comments but hey ho I alive. I was taken to beauticians when I was 13 by my dad to have top lip waxed I was in hospital a few hours later allergic to wax haha I ended up shaving never knew what a bind it was going to be that's why didn't make the mistake on rest of my face ... Friends keep telling me to try sugaring or threading but I will wait until I off the steroids 😂

  • Oh my goodness allergic to wax! Nightmare... yes there seem to be a lot of different things you can do now, I'm tempted to try the no no but it sounds too good to be true.

    It's crazy they think it's cosmetic so won't treat as it does have a detrimental affect on confidence.

    Hope you're off them soon Jojo x

  • The no-no is exactly what it says a no-no lol my friend ordered it and it's rubbish and she sent it back in time to get a refund she still waiting 2 years later

  • Oh that's bad :(

  • Well jojo that's put paid to that dilemma for me, I too was contemplating buying a no-no, now I won't bother. Thanks for the warning x

  • Flip, that's a high does to my 60mg. Luckily for me I'm fair so I don't have to bleach the hairs, I wouldn't have minded if they was thick and just my forehead as it'd look like I have more hair on my fringe lol. Reading on the responses, it seems that I've a good chance of getting shut of them.

    Sue x

  • You will definitely get rid just take some time x

  • Unfortunately waiting it out until the steroids are out your system does seem the best way. I know if I had have waxed or anything I wouldn't have been like a werewolf more the Zulu dog. Sorry I'm not tall enough, probably one of those little dogs you can't tell front from back due to their hair. A friend of mine started waxing my chin for me and used tweezers, made it worse.

    Instead, better watch out for the next full moon if I get given any steroids.


  • 19581979 you certainly gave me a chuckle x

  • Dulux dog. Only just spotted what the spell checker called it. Certainly being a Zulu in terms of dreaming for me is delusional my height puts me closer to pygmies.


  • Ha ha. Thank you for the taste of fresh medicine, laughter is just what's needed. x

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