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Worried I might have liver disease?

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6 months ago a 30 yo guy i know died from End stage LD. The next day I started feeling a weird dull pain under my left rib. So i webmd and it started saying enlarged spleen. Then i find out liver damage can cause enlarged spleen so i become obsessed with me having liver issues.

Ive been a heavy drinker off and on since 18yrs old. Im a 30 male. Never drank liquor, and never drank daily for the most part. I can however, put away a 12 pack of coors. Fast forward to now. The past few weeks I’ve noticed a very dull pain under and around my left rib/upper right abdomen area. It comes and goes and usually lasts for an hour or so. I dont have jaundice that i know of, nor any other symptoms of anything. My diet is horrible and when i drink, I usually get fairly drunk. I have a doctors appointment early February so ill find out whats up then. In the meantime, anybody have any ideas? Gallbladder issues or liver issues?

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Hey there. Noone on here can tell you if or not you have any sort of liver disease. I mean in all honesty a doctor couldnt tell you that without proper testing either. I wont give you the spiel about googling symptoms as I'm sure you know that's not a good idea. As far as web md goes just for fun I have put in my real symptoms and then switched them all to the opposite and they still told me the same " diagnosis". Anywho what I can do for you is give you my experience since I do have liver disease from alcohol. Keep in mind no 2 people on this site are exactly the same so we cant be used as measures for your own health. For starters everyone who heavily drinks will end up with some form of liver disease in their drinking careers. That could be fatty liver disease or it could be full on cirrhosis. Now for those that develop liver disease 10 to 20 percent will eventually get cirrhosis. It doesnt occur in everyone. You definitely have the amount of years and drinks under your belt to have full on cirrhosis. But that still doesnt mean you have it. You'll need some.scans and bloodwork to get going on sorting that out. I do have an enlarged spleen. My spleen rivals most on this forum for size. It's currently more than double its regular size. That being said its caused from portalhypertension which is a very advanced symptom of liver disease. As for the internet's " symptoms to watch out for" list; Most of those symptoms are only present in people with quite advanced liver disease. Mind you not everyone even gets them. I have advanced liver disease and I honestly wouldnt even know if the doctor didnt tell me I did. I dont have jaundice or red spot on my hands. I dont have ascites or muscle wastage. I dont have swollen legs or odd coloured bathroom excrements. Hell I dont even get fatigue or have limited appetitie. I can easily be awake 16 hours and get a great 8 hours sleep and I eat like a horse. As I said we all have different symptoms and ways our bodies present the disease on a physical level. So I leave you with this. You may have liver disease and you may not. It may be advanced and it may not. I certainly would get some medical scans and bloodwork done and a fibroscan simply because you are in a risk zone for alcoholic liver disease with your history of alcohol consumption. I will say though that the fact that you started feeling these pokes and pains the very day after someone you knew died of liver disease, can only logically be deduced as being somewhat psychosomatic. It would be one hell of a coincidence otherwise.

Hope this helps a bit and again get into a doctor and be honest about your drinking as it does nothing for anyone to not tell them the truth. Let them know what's up and that you want to see where your health is at.


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You missed your vocation, you really should have been a doctor 😉

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Could def use the pay increase lol

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Yet another cracking post Phoenix 👍👍👍👍👍

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Ace reply !

Heart is in the left (ish) , liver is on the right.



If you look at anatomy charts (lateral view), the spleen is way around to the far left side, almost towards the back. Stomach and pancreas are center left.

An abdominal ultrasound often doesn't show early stage disease, but advanced disease will usually be seen. Fibroscan, Fibrosure/Fibrotest or ELF (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis) test might be wise if you don't intend to quit alcohol completely.

Knowing such a young man has lost his life due to alcohol is tragic. That said his death has not been in vein if you and others now realise that for some alcohol is a killer. I am sure everyone on here will admire the fact that you realise the awful facts and you are taking steps to get checked out. Knowledge is power. Many younger people drink and party. High five you are getting checked out and even though, as Phoenix mentioned your symptoms are likely psychosomatic, you are being pro active and getting checked out. Feel proud of yourself, Hazelx

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Thanks man. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are psychosomatic bc I seriously became a bit obsessed with the subject.. still am, so I honestly dont knownif webmd had caused me to have symptoms that I actually dont have or not. Either way, its all getting checked out soon enough

Go see a doctor! Liver is on the right. Make lifestyle changes, stop drinking (yup that's coming form someone that used to drink everyday minimum half a bottle of vodka), I did it! Exercise minimum half an hour everyday. No sugar! And lower your fat intake. If you value your life please make these changes. You will regret it later on in life, when you think you are ok and then carry on as you are. Make the change now! Good luck.

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