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Should I be worried?

Hi I'm new here.

I went to my GP this morning because over the last few weeks I have been having Rt upper quadrant pain radiating to the right side flank. It's worse when I bend forward, when palpated & when lying on my side at night. I was worried because I have given my liver quite a battering over the years with 5-6 paracetamol overdoses (I have Bipolar disorder) as well as drinking heavily, worse over last 8 years. I quite often will have 6 bottles of wine on a weekend but nothing during the week. I very rarely get drunk.

My GP said she thought it was muscular-skeletal pain (we have been doing some heavy work on the farm) but she ordered Liver Function Tests including GGT, Renal function tests & Full Blood Count. Results show GGT 60 & CRP 14. Everything else normal. I am also booked for an Ultrasound.

My GP won't see me again until after I have had my ultrasound, which could be months away. Obviously I plan to stop drinking immediately but should I be worried?

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I don't think you should worry about something that hasn't been confirmed yet! I think abstaining from drinking is always a good idea, ensuring you have a healthy diet and get some exercise you will be headed in the right direction regardless of results.

But don't worry about the past, nor about what might come, at the moment you no nothing and taking steps to prevent things can really be beneficial! There have been storied of people turning there lives around from liver disease worst case to living well and happy.

Take it easy and no panicking (not yet and hopefully not ever)


Thank you for your reassurance Chelle_

I've always been a bit of a worrier, but I will take your advice especially the alcohol abstinence - will be an unusual w/end for me as this is when I usually have my wine! But will so totally be worth it.


Good luck. I was diagnosed out of the blue with Cirrhosis of the Liver, portal vein thrombosis & blood cancer just over 4 years ago, as soon as I was told I stopped drinking and I was an occasional drinker....I used to run half marathons quite often....I don’t mind not drinking especially when I look at my family knowing I can live with them instead of let them watch me die.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. It will be a new experience. I found a renewed love for fresh OJ & lemonade xx

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Welcome to the forum,

If you are, or have ever been, alcohol dependent or an alcoholic, discuss

this with your doctor. In these circumstances it is important to get medical

help to give up drinking, as stopping suddenly can, in some cases, lead to

severe withdrawal symptoms, including hallucinations and seizures. There

are many sources of support and help they can give you or direct you to.

Best wishes,

BLT Admin



I'm not sure I would be classed as an alcoholic as I only drink at w/ends. However when I open a bottle, I can't stop until the last drop is gone. And if that happens before I'm ready for bed, out comes the 2nd one!

I recognise that binge drinking can be worse than drinking every night, so hopefully this w/end will be my 1st wine free one for a very, very long time.

Wish me luck!


I had similar pain symptoms to yourself and it turned out to be a floating rib injury, which did clear up after a few weeks. The first I was aware of it was when I bent over one day and could not stand up straightaway and thought I had punctured something. So it might be serious and then again it could be fairly innocuous, so worrying won't help. You have already been given some good advice, so I'll just wish you all the best and hope that you get the answers you want . :)


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