Jaundice with severe itching

Hi, I'm pretty new to this. My mother in law who is 65 has jaundice. She's had severe itching for the last 2 months. She had a stent put in her bile duct as they were blocked due to tumor growth. It's been 1 week but her itching hasn't stopped. She's going mad with the itching. Is there anything that she can use to relieve her of the itchiness. Doctors have said they can't do nothing. So far we've tried piriton, e45, antihistamines, I can't think of more but we've tried so many creams/meds. Nothing seems to work. She says there's like this burning feeling inside me and itching on top of skin.

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  • Hi

    My Dr gave me fexofenadine tablets 180 mg once a day, they have worked for me. Please take care. Lots if love Lynne xxxx

  • Thanks Lynn for replying back. I will speak to doctor tomorrow about trying this medication. Right now they say no medicine can help her. Her bilirubin level has dropped from 220 to 115 but itching is still there. X

  • Her itching will be bad for a while ask for questran powder also and use aveeno body wash and cream it will ease the more her bilirubin drops x

  • Jojokarak, just wanted to ask is there a specific aveeno bodywash and cream that she needs to use as there's quite a few so not sure which one. Thanks x

  • I will double check the ones I have when I home x

  • Thanks jojokarak, I will buy these today. X

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