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US Scan report

Hi Everyone :) How are you all today? I hope today has been a good day for you. So I went to my GP again today and I asked for a copy of my (quick 5 min) US Scan report but the Dr wasn't very clear in explaining it. I know you may not be medically trained but wondered if anybody could shed any light on it?

The liver is of increased reflectivity with a coarse echopattern in keeping with early cirrhosis but no evidence of a focal abnormality. Gallbladder and common bile duct are normal. Normal appearances of both kidneys, spleen, pancreas and aorta. No evidence of paraaortic lymphadnopathy.

I had my scan on a Tuesday Morning, the Sunday before I was out all day with friends and drank quite heavily (it was a bank holiday, would not normally drink that much) but I did drink A LOT that day!! Wine and Vodka (was a good day), could that have affected the scan at all do you think?

On a good note, my initial appointment with the Liver Specialists was Nov 21st but I have been calling everyday to see if any cancellation, luckily, my apt has now been brought forward to 19th Sept!!

Any comments on the report are much appreciated :)


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Your US should not be affected greatly by a bout of drinking. Please do not worry too much until you see the hepatologist and have more imaging done.

Cirrhosis is usually not dx'ed by means of grey-scale imaging with the sole specific point being 'increased reflectivity with a coarse echopattern in keeping with early cirrhosis', and less with normal basic labs and a lack of specific symptoms and clinic. Highly inusual.

To understand a radiologist's report it is often useful to look for what is not mentioned, because if it is not in the report,you do not have it. Your liver is not enlarged. Your liver does not have an irregular contour. No mention of morphological changes like an irregular caudate lobe. I'dare to deduce that your liver is normal in shape, size and contour.

Good luck with your appointment,


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Thank you so much for your reply :) I hope you are well. x


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