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How long should Calceos be taken ?

Hi Everyone,

Bit of confusion here on my part. Thought I'd read that 12 months post transplant a Dexa scan was done to test bones & see if Calceos could be stopped. Terry is now 14 months post transplant but when we asked at clinic last week we were left feeling confused. The doctor we saw ( first time at a new clinic for 12 months patients ) seemed to indicate that this is something the GP should arrange. I cannot for the life of me find anything in the books about Calceos so I think I must have dreamt it & not read it anywhere. !

Any help would be gratefully received.xx

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Does he ever have his serum calcium checked? Patients on steroids should supplement calcium. Not sure what meds he might be on post TP. No harm in taking a daily Vit D3 supplement (Vit D3 is in Calcios too) as we tend to be deficient in the Northern Hemisphere due to limited exposure to sun. I was told a DEXA scan isnt worth doing more frequently that 3 yearly, but may be different for TP patient. Mine was organised by my Hep not GP but then the treatment for loss of bone density is via my GP, so yes a GP could organise a DEXA.


Hi Everybody

I had a liver transplant 12 years ago in Spain, where I live. I was prescribed Ideos, as it is called here, straightaway after the operation and I am still taking it, morning and evening. As I understand it the anti-rejection drug I take, Advagraf, leeches calcium from the bones and so supplements are necessary. You simply chew the tablet as you would a mint and they are not unpleasant.


I haven't had a transplant but I was on steroids 40mg for over 4 weeks and eventually weened off them very quickly.

My consultant wrote recently and told me to get my GP to run a test for Vit D as it was previously almost non existent, he said he would add on anything else he thought was necessary, when I went for the test I was told it was for calcium, Vit D and diabetes.. I think if it's something that can be diagnosed via blood test and treated perhaps it's a swifter route via the GP..

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Thanks to everyone for all the replies.


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