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Hi all, I have no idea whether I'm posting in the right place but here goes. I've been diagnosed with gallstones and the ultrasound shows that I have one 2cm gallstone which I've called Bert. I am due to have my gallbladder removed in October but does anyone know if it's normal to have a dull pain in my upper right abdomen all the time? It's driving me crazy! I have had a few bouts of really intense pain which lasts for a few hours but that feels totally different. Thanks!

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I personally don't know but my mum had hers out and she was constantly in agony and it's in the right region like you mentioned. Am sure you know your diet can make the pain worse and she was definitely pain free after having it removed x


"The gallbladder: This organ is a sack that collects a digestive juice called bile. It can get infected or get stones, and usually causes severe, intermittent upper abdominal pain on the right side with radiation to the shoulder or back in some patients, which is triggered by the ingestion of fatty or greasy foods."

Google 'upper right quadrant pain' if you want to read up on it.

Of course there are other causes, but in the main, it is as described above. Never thought of naming my gallstones, but they are only 0.5cm and cause no pain.


Hi Lady my partner, having been told by his GP he had pulled a muscle, a week later took himself to A & E as was in chronic pain in a similar area, blood tests showed deranged liver function, they never found any stones but he had an inflamed gallbladder I think it was called cholecystitis and he was in for 9 days.. since then he's had one bout of the same pain so went straight to A & E and another pile of pills given, he eats terribly, very very rarely drinks but I know he was told diet is key and that ultimately it's likely he will lose his gallbladder so yes that type of pain he had.. even his eyes were a tad yellow at one point bless him. Hope you feel better soon x


If you turn yellow it is because of jaundice. Mine was caused by a gall stone stuck in my bile duct. It does have to be dealt with.


Thanks all. I was just getting a little worried as the pain is constant and driving me slightly mad. I have been told that I've most probably ended up with gallstones thanks to weight loss as I lost 5 stone in 18 months. Hopefully I will feel better once my gallbladder has been removed.


The doctor (and he is a surgeon and a professor) told me that Gall Bladder pain can appear in quite a few places - even on the left side. He said that it is due to the shared pain receptors.

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I had gall stones and before my op to have my gall bladder removed the pain was about the worst I have felt at times. When it gets really bad sit down, rest your elbows on your knees and lean forward - massively reduces the pain.

The constant pain is a mix of the burning of bile not going where it should and inflamation in the area.

I'm sure you will feel loads better post-op.

Rita x


Thanks Rita. I've had a couple of bouts of the really bad pain and boy, it was bad. But the rest of the time I have this niggling pain that won't go away and I couldn't find any information on it. I was petrified that it might be something worse. Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest. I'm looking forward to having it removed on the 12th October. Thanks again.

Diane x


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