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Hi everyone, I've been for my pre op and go to hospital on 26th August to have my gallbladder removed. Just 4 more weeks then the pain is gone, I cant wait I have never felt pain like this its reall bad.

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good luck cheli i hope all goes well for you. love grace xoxoxo

Hi........... good Luck and I hope it all goes well. I have a long story to tell about my GallStone journey........... so lucky to be still here xxxx

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keV0 in reply to Avalon_Lady

Mrs Avon lady I would love to hear your story

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Thank you for your good wishes. I would really love to hear your story about your gallstones.

Love Cheli xxx

Hi Cheli. Horrible pain isn't it? My consultant told me that a lot of sufferers think they're having a heart attack! Good luck for the op!

yes thats what i thought when i was sick and had a terrible pain in my chest and was taken by ambulance and found out i had a stone stuck in my bile duct. i got an ercp but it did not get the stone out. so i had a stent put in and then a 5 hour operation, still recovering,

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Hi Grace all I can say is ouch! The ercp op worked on me thank goodness. Though my bile duct may have been inadvertently scratched/scarred and has recently become infected. I have been on Ciprofloxacin. Now awaiting ultrasound. Lfts were fine though. I hope you'll be on the mend soon, Sam x

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that is so good that the ercp worked on you as that means that stone is out of the bile duct what a relief to hear that. you know i felt every single thing and the medicine that was supposed to make me sleepy never worked one bit. i felt terrified when they put that thing in my mouth and round my neck as if i was being gagged.mine lasted for an hour almost. one of the things that can happen after ecrp a few of the complications are infection and pancreatitis which i got. hopefully it will clear up soon the ciprofloxacin should clear that up.and its good that the liver function tests are fine as one of the big things with a blocked bile duct is the high levels of bilirubin in the readings. i had to get a stent put in when they could not get the stone out and my reading went right down as well. my biliruben went down to 13 i cant remember how high it was before the stent but it was high. im so pleased for you sam all the very best and i will be waiting for your next posts and hoping that everything goes well. i go to the doctor on wednesday just to get pain relief she doesnt know anything about the liver. i go back to the hospital on 25th august and i will find out what to expect.i cant find anyone with mirizzis syndrome its rare and thats why its good that you got the stone out as not getting the stone out is suggestive of mirizzis syndrom because it means that the stone has calcified or a good chance of that and thats what happend to me and they dont know how long that stone was in there.its shrunk my gallbladder to the size of a thimble and it should be the size of a pear. and also 1/4 of my liver has atrophied and shrived up. im not to happy but what can i do. make the best of it i suppose. good luck sam. thanks for your good wishes they are apprciated. love grace xoxoxo💐

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Sam66 in reply to grace111

Hi Grace,I've been wondering how you are now? Sam x

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hi sam thanks for asking. iv been feeling really quite down as i have no one to ask about my condition and i have been sleeping a lot. i think its because im fed up i'v been sleeping as i decided today that i was going to stay awake and i have. its quite painful as the numbness is now rapidly wearing of and i can feel a lot of pain around the liver area. i have to say i have been eating well. i cant complain. iv had 2 small meals today and a few snacks. im always looking for something to nibble on and that has to be a good thing as i could not eat before i was sick of fish and chicken and white rice white bread and rice cakes. and humous. everything seemed to be white as well.. iv not been on the forum much as i dont like to come on when im feeling down. still i suppose thats what its for. how are you doing sam. i must get back on the forum and find out how all my gallbladder buddies are. thanks for contacting me its reallly appreciated. love grace xoxoxo

I'm going through the same thing cheli!! I can't believe the pain, mine is constant, I go for my op in 4 weeks, amazing how those little stones can cause that much pain :(

Good luck and a speedy still waiting to see a surgeon. How long have you been suffering.

Hi Helen, Thank you for your kind wishes. I was first diagnosed 6 years ago but it wasn't too bad then, but the last 16 months the pain got quite bad and over the last 6 months the pain has been horrendous, and its got to the stage that even sticking to the diet doesn't really help even a plain biscuit sets it off. I do hope you don't have too long to wait.

Love Cheli xxx

Hi just been to the doctors and got told about getting an appointment with the surgeon. Was wondering as u have had ur op date how long did it take from seeing ur doctor to getting an appointment for the operation Xx

I was diagnosed in January and my surgeon is now 5 months behind surgeries so possibly next year I'm on morphine and tramadol and codeine daily I cant eat I've lost over 4 stone since January. Life is shit xx

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grace111 in reply to Nads6378

just saying hello to you Nads6378 im not feeling that well tonight myself im exhausted. keep your chin up and watch your diet i know you say your not eating but if you can eat try to keep to bland food like rice chicken fish no greasy food, This wont last forever. im glad to hear that you have pain releif as can be very painful having gallstones. wishing you well. love grace xoxo

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kathmax in reply to Nads6378

Hi Nads how are you are you still in lots of pain and do you have any other symptoms ?

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Hi Kath, I'm in pain constantly! Can't even stand straight getting so annoyed as I've had to close my business and my hubby and mum have to care for my children. Morphine keeps getting increased and I lose days! I've saw a new surgeon but I'm high risk and will need the big cut surgery but that sums this bloody Gall bladder up to a T lol. Other symptoms I get are constant sickness , dizzy, not flushes ,can't eat and excruciating constant pain. I hope your ok xx

I'm going to try shakes as down to 10 stone and dropping fingers crossed not long now as I'm sure pain meds aren't good for liver. Hope you have a restful night sweetie xxxx

I've been failed by hospital as they let me home from hospital with acute cholystytis and head surgeon is running 5 months behind. I've also got a lap band which makes things more complicated I've lost 6 stone since January, look forward to gaining a stone or 2 and I never thought I'd say that xx

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