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Okay so I'm 19 and I have a 6 week old baby. All through my pregnancy I had awful abdominal pain. Turns out after I had a attack I have gallstones. I have lots of them. I get a attack near enough 3 times a week. I've stopped eating all the food I'm supposed to have. I have a appointment to go to the hospital on the 29th of march to discuss the procedure. But I honestly feel that I can't wait that long. I've rang my doctors up and nothing seems to change. I understand there is a waiting list but I am in absolute agony and I also have to look after my baby when I have these horrible attacks. I've just had two attacks in the space of a hour. I've taken all the medication they've given me but as it led to me being sick. I'm tired as it is and I can't cope with the terrible pain that these lead to. Just want some advice on anything I can do to speed things up. Thank you in advance. Lauren x

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I was not as bad as you (about 2 4-5 hours attacks a week), but I felt that I couldn't hang around for the NHS. An appointment with a specialist costs about £200 and gets you on a waiting list. I then got fed up of being told 'in about three months' every month and went private. About £6k. A friend of mine managed to get it done quickly by going to A&E every time that she had an attack and generally kicking up a fuss. You have all my sympathy and best wishes. The good news is that after the simple operation you will be immediately fine.


So sorry to hear of your troubles and fully understand your dilemma. I m still waiting to see my consultant due 16 th March a long time in coming. I was positively diagnosed just before Christmas although I ve had this condition for a lot longer than that. The pain is likened apparently to giving birth. Obviously avoid all fats can really help you. I asked to see a dietitian but my doctors said I didn't need too!!! Pumpkin seeds are good source of protein, anything with flax in it too. Drink plenty of water and fruit and vegetables ok, was recommended cashew nuts in small doses but since have a bowel condition and my doctor told me to avoid nuts as that can irritate your bowel and gut. Anyway I really hope you get the help you need sooner rather than later. Let us know how you get on. Take care regards


I would try the AE option I ve made a couple of visits , a friend of mine had morpheine prescribed , with looking after a baby too it must be very hard when you get an attack you need to really emphasise the seriousness of your condition and your concern about having to cope with a baby under your care to your consultant.


Thank you for replying. It's getting to the point where I'm scared to eat anything as yesterday I only ate chicken no fat and all the juice drained and carrots. My little girl is unwell to. The attacks seem to have got worse after giving birth. Im on three different types of medication and it still isn't strong enough. I'll phone my doctors up on Monday and get them to try get it quicker. My patner thought of taking me to A&E but once my attack has been I'm totally not a just a little weak. I hope they remove my gallbladder not just the stones as I'll be in agony again in about 10 years time. Thank you again for replying x


Hi Lauren,

I had my first attack at 34weeks pregnant and it was worse than giving birth! They didn't diagnose it then because my attacks then became regular but manageable, so it took them finally 2years! Then another 6 months for the removal of but they did take whole thing out.

If you are experiencing lots of pain and sickness you should visit A&E. Gallstones can get lodged in your bile ducts and this can make you even more poorly and affect your pancreas. Don't suffer quietly, sounds awful but sometimes it's those who shout loudest will get heard. It is not just a case of pain management, its important they check what's going on inside.

Hope you get some positive news soon, as I can empathise with your pain.



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