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Any thoughts please?

Back in mid July, I saw a consultant who told me I had cirrohsis, (alcohol related). My tests from a scan in March had been 'lost' or something similar. I have never been informed on the results of the scan, just that I have cirrohisis. Subsequently I have had blood tests and a gastroscopy. I have the results of the gastroscopy, which was completed to D2. I have no varices, but do have to repeat the test in early September, I think because of bleeding in lower oesohaguys and gastic erosions

The diagnoses was Hiatus hernia, oesophagitis/reflux and ringed appearance? eosinophilic oesophagitis, stomach erosions. I was prescribed Omeprazole 20mg and a test by gp for H.pylori (negative). I have not suffered from heartburn, but have suffered from difficulty swallowing.

My questions are: shd I be asking to see the results of my original in March? Does a Gastroscopy go beyond D2 and somehow get to yr Liver? If so what does it show?

Fortunately I gave up drinking on 2 May 2017 and have subsequently managed to put on a stone, which I needed to. Still ache all over, my joints are serious problem, but still trying to ride the bike and walk. Thanks for any help

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hi scamp, well done on the booze its not easy. the only real advice i can give you is educate yourself. about your condition, read the british liver trust website or anywhere to get factual advice


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