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Fatty Liver and Raised Blood Test.. Terrified Any thoughts.


Hi Guys,

I recently had a blood test, I have previously known fatty liver (fatty infiltration?)

I had a blood test Aug last year and it all came back "Normal&Satisfactory"

This year ive had one with (very high GGT (232), ALT is (66))

ALP-74, Albumin-45, Bilirubin-11 etc all normal.

No Diabetes and my Lipid profile is "satisfactory" albeit cholesterol is on the higher side.

I did have a heavy night on Saturday booze wise (1 day before the test) and i figure this may relate to the high GGT...

Im so very concerned something bad has happened inside.

I tend to cycle about 20 miles a week. Not overly unhealthy (but overweight) tend to probably drink 15ish units a week (maybe over 2 days) the rest are booze free.

Doctor doesn't seem super worried about the results.. Should I be?

I tend to always have a pain in my lower right side (probably just under the rear rib near kidney) . My work life is sitting down all day so i fear that may relate to my aches and pains.

Everything else appears ok (No yellowing, no dodgy stools etc etc) - I do get itchy hands/fingers from time to time but im certain its a normal itch..

Im trying to adopt an even healthier lifestyle, less carbs, no fats etc. trying to get my weight down. but i seem to be in a spiral of doom condemning myself that im dying.

I know this isn't a place for medical advice, just wondering peoples thoughts.

Apologies for the story :(


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Hi lynxus, your elevated levels arn't all that high. Ok they are raised but not wildly so. I don't want to nag but with a diagnosis of fatty liver (whether alcohol related or not) then you shouldn't be drinking booze and it is no wonder your levels are showing an elevation.

As you've already been told you have fatty infiltration of your liver, you should be taking extra care of your liver to prevent it from deteriorating further. Booze is a strong toxin and as your liver is already struggling you shouldn't be giving it additional work to do to deal with booze.

If you truly want to prevent your liver from becoming worse then you have to look after it better. A 'heavy night' of boozing sadly isn't looking after your poorly liver. You are trying to look after it with your better diet and loosing weight but giving it a battering with booze really isn't doing it or you any good.


lynxus in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you for your feedback.

I certainly aim to get the weight gone and these results back to normal. I agree. The booze is a bloody stupid thing. I just hope ive not caused too much damage to my liver.

Thanks again,


AyrshireK in reply to lynxus

I wouldn't have thought you've done much additional damage but it would be very wise to leave the alcohol alone from now on. You're doing well on all the other stuff so don't give your liver extra work to do going forwards. Really do look after that liver. Fatty liver is generally considered reversible but once you start getting ever more damage it will become more difficult.

Take care of yourself, Katie

lynxus in reply to AyrshireK

Out of interest. Do you know where the pain near ribs is usually?

I have a horrible dull ache always on my lower ribs on right side. The pain can normally be massaged out (right at the bottom of my ribs) and it goes away.

Doctors always put it down to costocondrits. I worry this is liver pain too.

Is liver pain normally in the rib or say an inch or so away? (Not on the rib.. ie.. if rubbed you don't touch a rib?)

I assume you cant 'touch' liver pain and massage it out like I do?


Thanks again for your in put. It is very appreciated.


AyrshireK in reply to lynxus

A doctor will tell you that technically you can't have liver pain as the liver itself has no pain receptors, however, the liver itself is enclosed in a membrane called the Glisson's Capsule and if the liver is inflammed or enlarged it can stretch this membrane leading to pain in the upper right quadrant which is roughly the area you describe. I have no personal knowledge of this as my hubby who has cirrhosis never has or hasn't experienced liver pain, whenever he gets the very odd twinge in that area he describes it as a stitch type sensation.


lynxus in reply to AyrshireK

Understood. Thank you.

I have ONLY slightly elevated GGT levels...very mild numbers. All my other liver panel numbers are normal. My doctors were not concerned at all for YEARS. GGT went up, very little...no concerns.

Well this past fall, I went to my doctor’s office with a fever/strep and they thought I looked tired, more so than usual. They ran a mono test and it was negative but they also ran an AMA test. That came back slightly elevated. Like two points above normal. They pushed for a liver biopsy as the year over year GGT panel my company does shows nominal increases and now with the AMA combined became an indicator PBC. I was shocked and stunned and sought a second opinion.

Got in with another specialist, liver functions are great, panel is good buuuut GGT and AMA were slightly elevated still. Did imaging saw I had fatty liver, no fibrosis. Same number combination with very little elevation showed some indication of PBC. Finally bit the bullet and did the biopsy 3 weeks ago...I have PBC.

I went in for a strep/mono test, found out I have an autoimmune disease. I have no symptoms and my liver otherwise is healthy besides the fat part. I’ve been in shock since and the internet is a scary place. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m so glad I finally found this site!

You are your best advocate! Listen to your body. It may be trying to tell you something. So, my two cents, seek answers. If it’s an autoimmune disease, you cannot prevent it with diet/exercise but the sooner you find out what is going on, the better life you will live! Maybe push for an AMA/ANA test too or a full panel?

You could have nothing and something was off from a few drinks but if it is something and you catch it now-it’s probably going to be super early! Which is your best bet for a long, healthy life. I can only share my experience as I was completely shocked and had no indication anything was wrong! I love my new doctor and this site has been a God send for me for the past week! Finally brought back some sanity.

Good luck.

Thank you for your insight!

I agree, The internet is a terrible place. I think ive been googling for 48hrs now and while some parts have eased my stress. others have increased.

I used to take a lot of NSAIDS due to a slipped disk. I do worry that these have also caused a problem for me. Now i just have the slipped disk pain and have stopped the painkillers.. Cant let anything other than water and food in me!

I wish you the best with your condition. Good to see you have a good doctor and know now!




Had blood test results.. they wont tell me the result.

They say that I need to book a telephone call with any doctor at the surgery.

I've booked one (for a bloody months time!!!!!!!!)

I'm now terrified about what has come up.

Aasaahhhhhh going insane :( the stress is making me I'll. Cant even do my day job properly at the moment . Talk about spiral of depression.

It's insane that it takes a month for a telephone appointment!! :(

Can’t you just book in for a standard appointment or are they even longer ?

Try not to panic, easier said than done I know. Try to take a step back and look, far your bloods have shown and given you answers as has the biopsy. Between now and a months down the road, try to look after your liver, eat healthy, cut down salts, sugars, fats and alcohol. The Mediterranean Diet is one that most doctors advise. Keep up your exercise and try to get full rest also. By the time your results come round you’ll be asking for them again because you feel so good 😊

To add, I have been told I have costocondritis (as you have also been told). This all happened at the start of my journey on this liver road. I had a lung biopsy and a drain for a couple of days,the drain was right at the bottom of my right lung, I then had to have another which they put through my back but it felt in the same place inside. Even though they are removed I feel this everyday, it’s not painful, just uncomfortable, I always feel like I need to stretch it out but it doesn’t help. Maybe this is the feeling you have?

Thank you for taking time to reply.

Unfortunately not :( they have no spots, ive been asked to call each day and see if any get cancelled.

With regards to the costocondritis . Its weird. Yeah i do find putting my arms between a door and pushing forward helps (click/move) the muscles / pain.

The main pain is right in the lower right rib cage.. There is sort of a lump (same on both sides) but one side is very painful even to the touch. Can sort of feel liek its swollen. im sure it unrelated.. but it all plays on the mind

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