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Hi everyone , I was just wondering if anyone has or is taking this milk thistle that is supposed to help the liver removed toxins from the body ? I have looked on line and there does not seem to be any adverse affects , yet I was Also told on another sight that it is not good for you ? .. I suppose the best person to ask is my doctor but I don't want to make an appointment just to ask him a question . Many thanks .. Linda

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  • Morning millie, We knew milk thistle as Saint Marys Thistle. Apparently, the plants name originated when milk from the virgin Mary fell onto a thistle giving it milky white veins in its leaves. (quite why the virgin Mary was producing milk I have never been able to figure out) perhaps there,s a catholic in the group who can enlighten on that one, always puzzled me. Culpepper the herbalist also uses this name (there are others, but milk thistle is the most common) he used it to treat liver and spleen disorders as well as dropsy an old fashioned word for oedema. Sorry I,ve gone off on a tangent again. An awful lot of people with liver complaints swear by milk thistle. I take it myself as there does not seem to be any evidence that it does any harm and it,s my view that if enough folk tell you you,re drunk then lie down. Simple answer is the jury is out on whether it actually does any good. Research is limited as the funds to do proper studies are not available due to the prohibitive amounts of money required as well as the simple fact that liver disease can take years to track. I know that it is prescribed in some countries by doctors, Germany is one example. I,ve had two different Hepatologists (spelling?) asked both if milk thistle was worth taking and both replied that there was no evidence it did work but that they had no problem with me trying it. Strangely enough both Docs said that there has been studies done on coffee of all things and the results look good. Said to reduce Gamma G.T, has positive effects on liver cancer, lowers the risk of cirrhosis by 22% and has positive effect on P.S.C an autoimmune disease of bile duct as I understand it.( There,s an article in journal of Hepatology april 2014.) Now I,m not a Doctor so may be talk to yours (mind you, if you did ring and ask if you could drink coffee he may have you locked up!). Check it out yourself, 4 cups of good coffee per day. (don,t think it matters if it,s de.caf but not sure ) Actually now I think of it, 3 liver docs and 1 liver nurse have told me about the coffee. Well, that,s my morning waffle. Coffee now. anne

  • Morning Anne , wow that's so interesting , I never knew there was such a story behind milk thistle 😊. I was going to buy some as I had not read anywhere that said it did harm but then nothing was said on how or if it is actually true , I personally don't think I don't think there is as really all it is is from a plant . Well if it's good enough for you then it's good enough for me . I did read somewhere about coffee being good too , I used to drink it all the time then I switched to green tea as that is supposed to be good too . Haha oh yes .. My docitor would lock me up lol ,,then again he is veer approachable . Non of the Drs or nurses have ever said anything to me ., that's why I thought I would ask on here and I'm glad I did so thank you . I do like coffee but it would have to be decaf due to my anxiety , which is under control but I do know too much can make anxiety worse .very interesting though if I can take decaf . I actually might just ring the Drs to leave a message maybe ?? Not sure yet . Thank you so much Anne , this has helped a lot ! Off to buy some very good decaf now lol . Enjoy your coffee and have a Loveky day .. Linda X

  • hiya. It's supposed to be excellent for the liver but if on other meds ask the pharmacist they sell them in my local pharmacy if you don't wanna bother doc xxx

  • Morning Sheri , thank you for replying back , yes I hsvr been told and so many good posts about milk thistle on the Internet . I am on medication such as the likes of thiamine and b12 , diazepam and sertraline for depression bit I don't think it would do any harm due to it being a herb ? Great idea ! Never thought of asking the pharmacy !! Thank you sheri , I will let you know . Have a good day xxx

  • please keep me posted. I know there's certain herbal stuff that doesn't mix with other meds but no harm in asking. Have a great afternoon hunny xxx

  • Oh I will do ! The more I can find out myself then it can benefit others on here if ever they needed to know . Thank you . You too ! Xxxx

  • Good afternoon Millie,

    The British Liver Trust does not recommend the use of homeopathic or herbal remedies for those with any liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and lead to severe illness.

    More research needs to be done on the use and safety of such remedies and therapies.

    If you have concerns about any prescribed medication or are considering using complementary or alternative remedies &/or therapies always discuss this with your doctor.

    As I see from one of your replies that you are on various different prescribed medications we would definately recommend discussing this with your GP before considering using milk thistle.

    I hope that helps,

    Very Best wishes,


  • Thank you Rebecca for replying back to me regarding milk thistle . I was asking out of curiosity really as I thought after reading on line about the benefits of its use That to could help with the regeneration of the liver . Yes I am on two medications , including vitamin b12 and thiamine . I appreciate tour feedback and will not use this untill I have spoken to my GP , the last thing I need is more damage . Regards Linda .

  • Gp no good it has to be consultant at hospital x

  • Why is the GP no good jojokrack ? Where my hospital who I was discharged from a year ago don't know what I am taking medicine wise ? I drink herbal teas and I feel fine ! The thing here is really no one knows the outcome . We are all different . With different liver problems . If my doctor agrees then I will go ahead and take it As Rebecca said from the BLT

  • No problems Linda,

    Take care,

    Best wishes,


  • I am sorry but all advice about its just a herb it won't do any wrong is a complete load of rubbish. you ALWAYS ALWAYS have to speak to your consultant about any medication you want to take. milk thistle says it will remove toxins but as was explained to me the damage is done to my liver already if my own body/organ can't do the job it's supposed to how is something else possibly going to work as he pointed out would there be any need for organ donation of the liver if it did.... if you take and not speak or consult medical advice it can scupper your chances of getting on transplant list if you need/needed one. you have to do what they say otherwise they can/will refuse you that opportunity. consultant also pointed out none of these herbal products are tested, who can prove what is actually in them.

  • A consultant (prof) once told me live bacteria in yohgurt does help gastro issues because they would all diebefore they got to the gut - so how come people get food poisoning then? he obviously forgot bacteria are brill at protecting themselves in harsh environments....

    So having shown consultants dont know everything,... i expect if it does remove toxins its assisting the damaged liver not repairing it jojokarak ie youll still need a transplant but it maybe helps the journey there.

    as was said research needs to be done to confirm, but if ok woth your meds and noone reporting sideeffects, why not try it?

  • Hi geffy22 , well my l have hsd Cirrosis since 2008 . Discharge from hospital Last year .lft in June showing all working fine ! I eat Healthy , don't smoke and definatley don't drink alcohol . As regards to everyone's own opinion which I respect each and everyone who has replied to my post . No actual tests have been done on milk thistle as regard to the safety of it . As yet I have not come Anythjng on line where it states it will make you Poorly . I drink loads of herbal teas etc .. Yes , my liver is damaged and no one knows for sure if they need a transplant of not . If they do then the only thing they would refuse you on is the substance that caused it . How would milk thistle show up on a liver test ? Can't see it mysekf , So I will do as my doctor recommends . Isn't a mushroom a fungus ? And I eat them ..keeping an open mind . Thank you for hoot reply . Will update when I hear . Regards Linda

  • Because trying things what most professional medical bodies have advised you not to take is taking your life into your own hands. if you was a chemist and could prove what was within the tablets and that they didn't cause any damage then fair enough. I felt good for months on end with liver disease and don't get me wrong when I first got diagnosed I looked into every possibility to reduce the damage, but I was also wise enough to talk to a couple of medical professionals and even a pharmaceutical chemist and I was informed if I took anything that wasn't approved or had even been tested then my chances of being placed on transplant list was slim to zero. and no way I was taking that risk. you also just proved that information you read on the Internet is speculative with your live yoghurt statement. I am not having a go at anyone who is taking alternative routes, it's just I didn't want to take that risk personally after doing research and talking to consultants and I really don't want to see anyone else taking the risk of getting there health restored through the miracle of transplant but everything boils down to personal opinion and choice that's the beauty of freedom.

  • Completely Agree noone should take risks but honestly pharmaceuticals are not the only or best medicines in the world- in fact pharma companies are all over china, brazil etc looking at medicine plants that locals have used for years.. anyways i am sure everyone will check first before starting anything new cos its sensible when you're so ill already. Good luck to you all in receiving the care you need and regaining your health x

  • I agree with that I hate taking tablets and having to rely on them for rest of my life especially as I am suffering with some horrendous side effects at moment but I fought too long and hard to let the special gift I received be rejected by my body so it has to be done x

  • Hi jojo .. I did not know you had a transplant ? That's brilliant news . How are you getting on ? When did you have this gift 😊. I am praying that I will not need one , been going strong now for 8 years now . The thought of going through a transplant that may end up in rejection from my body does not Bare thinking about , so I can see your point on the issue . A lady on here is taking some type of probiotic that has been approved on patients with Cirrosis and has great blood and liver scan results so I may look in to that . But untill I get the go ahead from my GP I will continue with my healthy lifestyle which seems to be doing the trick .wishing you all the best . Linda

  • Hi and thanks I had my transplant 3 weeks ago and I feel great just a bit tender where the surgeon cut me open but it's worth it to have a crystal clear head again. eating healthy is the best way about it, the probiotic is a problem for people once they had a transplant as you can't have anything what hasn't been pasteurised due to live bugs and can cause illness or rejection.

    It's really good you are doing and managing well after 8 years you are definitely doing something right :-) long may it continue for you x

  • Your very welcome ! So glad to hear your doing so well !! 😀 . Well you will be sore I bet from the incision but well wort it ! See I don't know about the cants and can dos post transplant as I have never looked up on the subject . Well yes .. I think so too considering in 2008 they gave me 6 months to live . I suffered after for a good few months with depression and malnutrition but I battled on and thanks to God I'm still here . Must me my new healthy life style of no Smoking no drinking and a good diet !! Good luck and best wishes to you jojo xx hope you continue to remain in good Health X ☺️

  • Thanks so much and same to you x

  • Your welcome . And thank you x

  • I am under Kings College London I have Non alcoholic steato hepatitis I have been told by the consultant never to take Milk thistle as they have patients on their books that have damaged liver because of this.

  • regarding the comment about coffee my husbands hepatologist says to drink coffee there has been a huge study done on the benefits of coffee and the liver there a british liver trust report re this on website. karen

  • Hi KT 50. Yes anther member on here has also told me about coffee . I can take coffee only if it's decaf . So I don't know if this would still have the same affect ? I have anxiety so any drink I have including green had to be decaf . Thank you Karen . I will try to find the link . Regards Linda

  • I started taking milk thistle about 2 months ago, I was really really struggling with brain fog after stopping treatment for hep c so after hearing & reading about milk thistle and feeling pretty desperate at the time I thought I'd give it ago and since I've been taking it I feel much better, whether or not thats coincidence I don't know but I'm carrying on taking it :)

  • Hi Tess , thank you for your reply back . Glad to hear your feeling better now . I am waiting a reply back from my doctor as I am on medicartion ! So hope it's safe for me to take . Thank you . Linda

  • good luck linda, I was told that i couldn't take it whilst on treatment as it can interfere with the meds..x

  • Thank you ! That's the same with me . I am on meds . But if anyone can be honest with me on the medical side it's my Dr , I trust him in everything he has don't for me and my family . Best wishes .linda . I wiki be updating the post once I hear . X

  • Hi Millie09, I am taking Milk Thistle which I began 3 weeks ago when I got my diagnosis from Liver Specialist that I have NAFLD and Fibrosis. He suggested taking Milk Thistle and I did a full cross check of all the medication I am on to make sure there would be no side effects. I am Type 2 Diabetic on tablets and Insulin, but I read a fellow Diabetic had taken Milk Thistle for 6 months and when he went to see his Liver Specialist for a check up his Fatty Liver was no more.

  • Hi William55 , thank you for your reply , wow that's amazing ! So good that it helped with the other persons fatty liver . So you have been taking it too . I am on diazepam now and then for anxiety , just vitamin b12 and thiamine which are vitamins and sertraline for depression which is helping me . I am really hoping I can take this as I have read nothing so far that is negative . Awaiting a reply from my dr . My last LFT in June was all normal . Hope it is helping you . Will keep you posted . Regards Linda

  • A herbalist said my daughter should not take milk thistle: she has AIH and it caused intensive cirrhosis . I have been looking into Turmeric but this also could be an issue for her; I am told raw ginger is good. As for milk thistle curing fatty liver - ermm. Each to their own just be careful.

  • Hi brownie , thank you for your reply , I have been using turmeric in my home made curries even before and after my diagnosis and it he had no adverse reaction to my liver . My LFT in June was all normal . So I am waiting on my Drs say so first . Hope your daughter is ok ? Regards Linda

  • Spoke with consultant yesterday and he said there is not enough evidence that Turmeric is beneficial but if you feel it is good for you that is the main thing. All good with her bloods considering her liver is badly scarred. Take care 😊

  • Hi brownie6AIH . well I ding really use turmeric as an aid or health reason , it's Just one of those ingredients I have been using for years pre and post diagnosis . Oh that is good news ! Great to hear . My liver was or is badly scarred too but have had all good readings on my LFT for a good while now. No acites for two years , but the last one was treatable with 25 mg of spiranalactone and it soon went on its own. . I look forward to seeing my next results from the last LFT not long ago . Hope all daughter remains steady . My best wishes .. Linda

  • I am getting more and more confused ! I always thought that herbal remedies can't do any harm or wrong. I have been taking Milk thistle for a while (more as a precaution) I have now heard of and bought today ; ARTICHOKE - Cynara drops ! I haven't started taking them yet !!!!! Do you Linda or should I say Millie09 or of course any of you other lovely people out there, know anything about these drops ? Perhaps it is just better to keep to healthy diets. But I just cannot stop my binging at weekends. My goodness - there has to be some things we can look forward to.

    THANK YOU !!!

    Louise xxxxxx

  • Hi Linda, I wonder what you and others might think about trying fresh juices to aid healing processes? Homemade, organic of course. There's a couple of good films about the benefits of juicing on YouTube/Netflix that are interesting. Fat,sick and nearly dead by joe cross and super juice me by Jason vale. The good thing about juice is that it is bioavailable so supplies lots of vitamins minerals and enzymes to your cells with minimum digestion. Just a thought. Xx

  • Hi Helen , thank you for your reply , I do eat clean foods myself as it is and keep to low salt and low sugar diet . I have never though about juicing ? I will have a look on you tube . Sounds interesting .. Worth a try anyway ! Thank you x

  • I just wanted to make a comment regarding the point it's just from a plant. Whilst there are good things that come from plants, aspirin contains salicylic acid taken from the willow for instance , there are other plants that can provide poisons, such as foxgloves and castor oil plants. Foxgloves contain digitoxin which can, in the right doses help the heart, but in the wrong amounts can kill you!!! Foxgloves were once used to make tea, which was then used to treat colds etc., but did prove fatal in some cases. I am not suggesting milk thistle will have this effect, but the fact that it comes from a plant does not confer safety!! Anyway, that's my contribution. I'm not sure it helps you decide on whether to take it or not, but I too would advise caution.

  • Thank you Mc1189 . Well I drink green teas and many herbal teas too , I think it's a case with milk thistle no one really knows what long term affects it has , as yet I have no read anywhere on line about it making the liver worse or even poisoning . I'm sure my consultant would have mentioned this to me . With Everythjng taken in moderation I am going to see what my doctor has to say , Bearing in mind we are all different . I wil update anyway when I know . Best wishes Linda

  • Hi Millie,

    I also looked online at these and I started taking them today, did a lot of research, no side effects either, I'm going to give them a go as I'm finding it a struggle to take my medicine, there is a lot of info about these, all good so I thought why not, so hopefully these will help 😬

  • Hi shazzamsttaza , yes I have been online and not one report has shown any bad affects to the liver while taking them . It can Interact with certain meds which I am taking , but all it does is slow down the process of the medication . It actually doesn't not stop it working . If I were on heart tablets I would be more concerned and if I was in liver failure but I am not thank god so far I would be under the hospital and their care .now I am only under my doctor due to being discharged . Let me know how you get on ! I will keep you all updated on this . Regards Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    Bless you, that's good to know that you saw no bad reports I got diagnosed at the end of 2012 stage 1 PBC, I have other health issues but not bad ones and I'm not on any other medication apart from calcium D for borderline oseterporosis, I will let you know, I took my first tablet today, I just cannot bear that medicine it's awful and makes me feel sick, I see the doctor st the hospital once a year, my next appt is Feb 2017, I was put on ensure build up drinks from him this year too as my weight had plummeted but I'm tiny anyway only 8 stone, but I've stopped taking them now, I just hope these milk tablets will be okay, fingers crossed, I will keep you updated 😁 And you me

    Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon , well I did search many links regarding milk thistle and as yet nothing to say it causes harm , only slows down the process of any meds . I have osteoporosis diagnosed 2008 but not on any Calciuim tablets as at the time I was only 6 stone due to not eating due to my ascites that was drained 3 times , the consultant said it would improve over time with good nutrition so I have never been called back since . I hope you find an improvement with the milk thistle . Not yet heard back from my doctor but I will let you know soon as I hear . Yes please let me know how you get on too . Best wishes .. Linda

  • Don't waste your money. It is good for nothing. Just look at the data. And not from websites like Mercola, healthranger(Mike Adams) Dr Oz and all the other QUACK hustlers. Look at the science behind the product. It's mechanaism of action and it's bioavailability etc. With that said, again don't waste your money.

  • I think one problem is that most GPs, as a rule of thumb, would not advise taking herbal or food supplements. However, in parts of Europe, the USA and Australia well known hepatologists do recommend Milk Thistle, along with other supplements.

    I have been taking for 3 years, after a stay in hospital for acute liver failure and sepsis. I think the only advice I could offer is that if you do decide to try it buy a well known make and don't take more than recommended dose. Of course you should discuss with doc as you are already on prescribed medication.

    Also I take a good probiotic. There has been research into this with regards to cirrhosis by Derby University, and also a team in India.

    Good luck, A.

  • Hi Anne ,thank you for taking time to reply to my post . I did contact my doctor yesterday via surgery but not heard anything back as yet but that's the norm as he is very popular . Sorry to hear that ! I do hope that your much better now after 3 years . I have seen Many of them to buy but would not know good from bad to be honest . Only by price range . Tablets more expensive than the ground option . Oh I did not know about the probiotic ? Thank you for that information. Which one do you take if you don't mind me asking ? Regards Linda

  • Hi, there are lots of probiotics that are good, but the one I take is VSL 3. It is expensive but it is one that has been trialled with patients with cirrhosis. I get it direct from the pharma company, they send it courier in a chilled container. I only take half a sachet a day. I am fine now, MRI shows liver all OK, bloods normal. I have no idea if the outcome would have been the same if I had done nothing at all, but I chose to do a lot of research, change diet and take supplements and vitamins. I too, was taking diazepam for a while, but haven't had one since March, so something must be working! Take care, Anne

  • Wow ! Those are great results Anne . I have a good diet like yourself . The only vitamins I take are the ones my doctor . I have cut down from 5mg to 2.5mg so half a day now since Monday . I don't even think of taking them now to be honest . I have not consulted my dr about tapering off them and stopping completing as it just made Sennce to half them for a few weeks first to see how I got on. . Thank you for letting me know what brand you use Anne , if this has been trialed for use in Cirrosis and the results were good then I think it's worth any amount of money in my eyes . I will have a look on line . So far I her been 100% fine in the last year blood and liver scan tests but would be good to give the old liver a helping hand so to speak . Thank you so much , take care Anne .. X

  • I just checked Thistle milk on the eMC website which is an authoritative site for medicines. the product sold by BOOTS clearly states that it is NOT to be taken by those with liver disease before speaking to your doctor.

    " Do not take:

    If you are under 18 years

    If you are allergic to any of the ingredients (see “What is in this medicine”) or to plants from the Asteraceae/Compositae family e.g. artichokes, daisies, marigolds

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

    Talk to your pharmacist or doctor:

    If you have liver problems"


  • Thank you Jim , Well I'm not allergic to any of the above , I have left a message with my doctor before I even use this product ?

    , hope you are well and thank you for your information . Will let you know the outcome .. Regards Linda

  • Thank you for the link Jim .. Best wishes Linda

  • Hi ! I also take Milk Thistle. It seems to be highly recommended as does artichoke etc. I wouldn't even like to ask my doctor about it. It isn't anything chemical and I have only read positive things about it. So like you it would also interest me as to whether I am wasting money on buying it. Mostly from HOLLAND AND BARRETT !

    Louise xxx

  • Hi, just want to mention that, my husband was given milk thistle tablets to take by a neighbour. 2 weeks later he was in hospital, 2 weeks later, had died. Was it a coincidence?? I hear that, because the liver works harder to detox when taking them, it can cause severe illness. I won't ever know now. But please check with a doctor/pharmacist before taking anything. By the way, the doctor at the hospital had never heard of milk thistle!!!

  • Wow , shelby , what can I say ? My doctor does not know either , he said he was looking in depth to it but as yet no reply , even I have asked him to refer me to a hepatologist and to have a fibroscan which I have never had in the 8 yrs since diagnosis. Well I did take some milk thistle to be honest . But stopped when Rebecca told me to check with my doctor , yet there are others I know that swear by it and have been told by their consultants that a marked improvement was found , so I am very confused . I do know that I will not be using this again. Thank you shelby xx. 💕

  • I too, asked a doctor (Registrar) yesterday. I had my routine talk about post liver transplant. He also didn't know what Milk thistle is. Another question to all. I had perfect blood results but the professor wants me to have a liver biopsy as the fibroscan results were 8.1 and show mild fatty deposits (mild fibrosis) I had two biopsies years ago. I can remember these being quite painful. I am not worried about the pain, as I have gone through a lot worse. But there are risks of having a biopsy and how come the blood test results were still so good ?

    Confused Louise xx

  • Hi Louise , same here . Like yourself my bloods all came back normal ? So I am confused too . I have asked my doctor to put me forward to have a fibroscan as I have never had one ever . Oh and to see a hepatologist ! Well if I were you I would ask again as to the reason why he wants you to have a biopsy . My friend has her fibro results and they were 8.7 . This did not mean any thing to me until I asked . She said it ranges from 0-50 . Obviously 50 very bad . She has Cirrosis the same as me and is under Control with healthy diet . But she is against milk thistle use . Hope you get some answers Hun x Linda

  • Thanks Linda ! Must say things are getting more confusing all the time. I have even been told that the Sarcoidosis which I was diagnosed with just before the HCC/Cirrhosis could also play a fact. I did admit to the professor, who also shortly came to have a word with me, that I had had a drink on a few occasions since last year (after 7 years abstinence) You can't and I don't want to lie to a doctor. He just replied by asking if it was regularly and I truthfully said NO. But he said that perhaps the fibroscan was not always reliable. The whole things put me back to my meaning of HOW MANY OUT THERE HAVE SEVERE LIVE PROBLEMS and are not under observation or go for routine health check ups !!! ??? Surely, when I see all the people going out and getting "stoned" so to say and that at least once a week and probably also drinking small amounts but every day drinkers and eating take-a-ways, Burgers and this list also goes on. They go on for years without knowing anything - FATTY, FIBROSIS some even further than that !!!!! I am not scared of many things, BUT ANOTHER BIOPSY does worry me !!!

    Louise xxxx (Sorry if I repeat a lot of what I post )

  • Hi Louise , I know what you mean , well that's true , never lie to any doctor besides they can pick up if you have been drinking alcohol by your gamma Gt Level . I know someone not personally only to say hello to , who without fail was in the pub ( witherspoons ) from 12pm every single day and was still there at 5 pm , and no doubt in the evening too , I too used to think how come he isn't in hospital the amount he was knocking Back 7 days a week with no break at all . Even so where did he get his Money ? I have not had any fibroscan , biopsy , only one scan a year ago and an LFT in June and one 4 weeks ago which I will find out the results on 19 November when I have to go oral surgery at hospital . It frustrates me and I ask myself why me ? Yes I drank socially from the age on 17 , but I stopped when I was pregnant with my 3 children . I worked all my life . Never drank spirits only ever larger or cider and never anything more than 5% volume which escalated for 4 years due to stress and abuse in the marrisge . This led to unwanted dependency . So , in my eyes I did not class myself as a heavy drinker . I would not worry about the biopsy Hun , at least you are having proper care , I am having to fight to get anywhere with my dr . He is good , but it seems to me I have to be serious Sick before a hospital wil do any tests on me and I am so very annoyed . Im dye it will all be ok. And don't be daft . I probably repeat the same too and don't even know it 🙄.. Linda xxx

  • Linda and Caz ! Hi there - your posts are very interesting. Linda I will keep my fingers crossed and think of you 19.11. You mentioned Gamma GT. My last one a few weeks ago was 17. Before that always about 20 - 25. Before I had a "guilty drink or 2". Don't laugh but (well laugh if you want it might be a cheer up) After nearly 8 years of ABSOLUTE no alcohol at all. The only time I seem to really fancy a drink is when I do my weekend cooking. As I said before I only eat veg and fruit plus yoghurt etc during the week and when it come to the weekend I cook my favourite things. Ideas I mainly get from the TV (Food Network etc) and div. cooking programmes. These programmes I love watching and the people cooking have a glass of "VINO" whilst preparing and cooking. Especially now on FOOD NETWORK - with the CHRISMAS COOKING. This somehow got me in the mood. Also there are times when I am getting ready to go out with music on and in the bedroom putting make up on. A very seldom occasion in my case. I can count on my hands how many times a year I do go out ! Then also lately I have had the desire to have something - even if only a SHANDY. When I actually go out it doesn't seem THAT important anymore to me. So childish I know. Amazing how our brains work. Milk thistle seems still a mystery to me. I am coming to the end of my course and don't know whether to continue. Still also curious that my bloods were SUPER and I still have this "fatty liver" !!!! I forgot in my last post (I think) that the registrar mention Sarcoidosis also is cause for a fatty liver. Sadly I donot get a thorough explanation exactly what Sarcoidosis is. "GOOGLING" sometimes confuses me or even frightens me more.

    I know these are very trivial things compared to what MOST of you are going through. It makes me feel selfish. But I had gone through so much and lost so many loved ones between 2008 - 2010 with my own liver cancer during that time !!!!!

    Take care - not just you TWO my luvvlies but all of you out there, whether minor or major/tragic issues.

    Hugs to you all.

    Louise xxxxxx

  • Louise, I expect you,ve already thought of this but have you tried the non.alcoholic wines, some of them I,ve been told are really good. Gives you something to " hold" especially around Christmas time when most folk are knocking it back. it would help you not feel so left out, be able to join in toasts for example, and avoid endless explaining!. Just a thought, apparently some folk are unable to tell the difference, there are other non.alcoholic "Drinks" available also now. Hope you are well. anne.

  • Bless you tillycindy ! Yes I have been drinking alc. free all these years. Beer, wine and sparkling. I think it is (and hope) this is a temporary phase. Still seems childish. It is just that warm glowing feeling you get in your stomach and just a little more than usual happiness feeling. I act as an idiot at all times. I only need a coffee to get me going (ha, ha) Seems funny after all these years though. Thanks for your kind thoughts and ideas !

    Louise xxx

  • Tried ginger wine a few months back and it blew my socks off!. Only thing I,m worried about what to do for Christmas is my sherry triffle. I love it, have it for breakfast boxing day!. Make it for others too which makes it even harder to avoid, they,re already putting orders in, I,m sort of famous for it!. (or is that infamous, You know, sherry in the sponge, sherry custard, sherry cream in it) , not much of a cook but I make a good triffle if I say so myself! I gave the booze up last November, and this blinking triffle is my first major crisis!. anne x.

  • 😖😖. Oh I know what you mean Anne ! Boy is that one Nasty drink !! Well your trifle dilemma .. Which sounds yummy 😋😋. Depends on how much sherry you use . I went to Cyprus with my sister a year after my first diagnosis , I found it so hard not to want to drink as I always associated. Holidays with alcohol , luckily they do Becks blue out there so I was well happy . My sister and I went to a posh resteraunt as my sister don't drink either as she has heart trouble . Well I rally fancied this desert but it was with flambé strawberries. With brandy . I was reluctant to start with then I thought sod it , so I had one and it was lush !! So I don't think the quantity of the sherry for your lovely trifle is going to hurt you , check with your doctor if your unsure but maybe there's an alcohol free sherry ?? Just a thought . Hope I Helped 😊. Take care .. Love Linda ❤️X

  • Hi Louise , well your gamma Gt result is very good ! Mine is much higher than that . I'm sure in June it was around the 27 mark but trust me mine has been over 100. . At one point it was over 200 that was when I was at my worse . Well , reading your post , I can say how much I relate to your drinking . The social side , the on its my birthday side , then it's the Christmas festivities and new Year where you actually want to be " normal " so to speak and nog feel left out in any way . This is what happened to me . Only the cunning thing with alcohol it will always tell you it's ok to have a few .. With me that " few" at Xmas turned into the Xmas week and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day until I got to Feb and I was still drinking ! I had a psycological relationship with the booze , and breaking that thought process is vet very hard to do . So I went to see an alcohol support worker , who I am still in contact with now to break that cycle . I had no choice Lou , I had Cirrosis and I don't think it actually sank in to my head how serious it was until a few years later . This sight and on other groups has kept my spirits high , I mean I am even now drinking a good decaf coffee three times a day 😂. Where I had stopped all that , and yes the decaf works The same as the normal coffee what regard to the liver . I have never heard of your diagnosis but I'm terrible with Google , it scares me more on things that I read so I have decided not to do it again medical wise . I drink Becks blue alcohol free lager , there is a shop on line based in Manchester that do all types of alcohol free drinks and Also gluten free too ! Wines and soft drinks . They deliver to you in 2 days . So my Alcohol drinking is sort of there but not doing any harm . Boy this has turned out to be a long one lol . I could talk for England lol .. You know you can always pm me Hun if you need anything that I could help with take care .. Linda xxx

  • Thank you Millie ! It's nice to have people like you who show understanding. You can express yourself so well so I don't think your posts are long. All very interesting. You ALL seem to know so much about these issues. Although sometime confusing what is GOOD or BAD ! But then each body is different. I am still afraid about the biopsy - also read that if there is something "tragic" and air gets to it - this could be trouble too. Will probably have sleepless nights now. Yesterday they said I shall be contacted when it is to be - and should be within the next 6 weeks. Can't get my head round the fact that the bloods were so GOOD. Take care. Love hearing from you and the others. Sheri44 is going through so much at the moment. Bless her !!!!! xxxxx

    Louise X

  • Your welcome Louise . Bless you . So kind . I try my best to explain what I can as regards to how much knowledge I have . Which after 8 nearly 9 now , I think I have some sort of experience . I agree with you there , we all have the same or similar things in common that's why we are here on this fab site . But we are all at different stages . Some are pre and post transplant , some waiting , me .. Can't get anywhere with my doctor so I am thinking of going private . My son did a while ago and said its the best he has ever done with 3 young children when my one grandaughter was very poorly . She was seen in no time and she's very well now . Try not to let these so called " things that could happen " get to you . If I worried about everything I had. Read or seen I would not be here today as I would have refused all endoscopies and drains . You have great blood test results but lou , if I were you , yes I would be worried but on the other hand relieved that at least they are ruling anything out unlike myself . .yes sheri is bless her and yet she is so upbeat ?? I do not know where she gets her strength from . Such an inspiring lovely lady .. Well you take care Louise , keep us up to date Hun , take care .. (( hugs )) Linda X

  • Hi Millie09

    I have taken Milk Thistle for years mostly when i wanted to detox or if i was going out. I have had no problems with it at all. Apart from it removing toxins it also repairs blood cells and flushes alcohol out of your system. It also helps bile to flow properly and helps to reverse a fatty liver. I asked my consultant if it was ok to take that plus my Acidophilus tablets with Urso and my PBC she said it was ok to keep taking them. So did my DR as they also help with the slight gastritis i have. I also drink green tea and fennel tea, green tea is an antioxidant and fennel tea is a duretic which eliminates water retention. Hope this helps hun.

  • Hi Caz , well thank you for your post . I am so glad to hear your doing well ! . I did start to use milk thistle and thought I would ask if anyone else did or knew more about it . Well I have had good and bad story's on this . So naturally I stopped taking it , I did ask my dr last week and he said he would look in to it as he wasn't sure regarding my meds if there was side effects . I will say though I was feeling really well while taking it , plus I drink green tea myself . I have Cirrosis so don't know if that makes any difference . I don't drink obviously but I did have a Major relapse due to my dads passing . I drank non stop for a year . Had mild acites that was controlled by soironalactone . It's been over 2 years now since then and I had been sober 6 yrs previous . My last LFT in June was all Normal . So I am well confused .. Thank you Hun , think I. Will ask the hospital on 19 nov when I go for wisdom tooth extraction xxx regards Linda

  • I would leave it until you ask your consultant as you are on quite a few meds also with Cirrosis. I only take Urso maybe that is why my consultant said it was fine. Hope all goesok for you hun take care x

    Regards Carol

  • Yes I am going to , my dr was suopsed to be looking in to if for me when he replied to my message last Thursday , yet still not heard so I am going to ring him again and Also mention yet again regarding Proper follow up scans 🙄. Seems like they don't care unless it's too late .. Not good is it. I will let you know Carol . Thank you and take care .. Regards Linda

  • I have just been recently diagnosed with PBC. My primary physician asked if I'd ever heard of Milk Thistle. I said I just started taking it; my sister had recommended it. My doctor said there is evidence that it helps with PBC. He's a really great doctor, so I'll continue to take it. In researching it I could find not one bad thing about it.

  • Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis,

    I have since this post now at the QE liver unit in birmingham where I have seen my hepetologist and a top registrar in may .I was told they had seen a few people with adverse affects on the liver and to not even take it .

    I have so much confidence in all of the liver team I have met, 3 weeks today I had a gastroscopy .was awake as sedation never worked with me .everything was perfect! I have been living with cirrhosis just over 9 years now. No portal hypertension and no varices, yes I do suffer with other symptoms.

    My own GP who is really good let the hospital decide as that is their field of medicine. Hope all works out for you .

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