Anyone else?

Hello everyone, long time since I've spoken but I'm still the same with my illnes apart from periphial neuropathy and have been put on permanent antibiotics for serious water infections one after the other. Hope you are all well or as welll as you can be under the circumstances. I wondered if there's a backlog of people waiting for hepatology appointments as I'm supposed to be seen every 3 months and i was last seen at Xmas or early January. If its a nationwide situation which is why I'm asking or just my health authority. Thought Ide get your thoughts first before phoning up and moaning, thanks very much, Julie xx

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  • Push now u should not be left to go over the time that u have been told

    Good luck

  • Thanks Freddy, I will, I just wondered if waiting lists have got longer as I also need varicies banding before I go abroad on hold

    Julie x

  • Ok good luck

  • Thañk you x julie

  • Yep. Phone them and get your appointment. You shouldnt go over the stated time ( well a couple of weeks but no more). Good luck. X😊😊

  • Hello there. I'm a bit of a newby. After my first visit with the hep Dr he said to see him again in three but when appointment came through it would be four months since I would of seen I then got letter that the appointment would be a month later I assume there just snowed under. I must say I then got another letter to see him sooner as they have found a psuedo cyst on pancreas. Appointment 14th July. Not looking good if he had called me in earlier. So I suppose your wait is about right because only for they have seen something on my scan I would be waiting five months who is to say he would of extended that again. It wouldn't hurt to contact his Secretary for peace of mind Best wishes...

  • Thankyou and good luck with your situàtion, I will phone tomorrow x jùlie

  • Hi Julie, good to hear you are getting on OK. I was wondering about you, and looking out for your posts.

    I don't know about other hospitals, but I think if they've said 3 monthly then you should chase it up. I'm seen 6 monthly with 3 monthly bloods, and 6 monthly scans.

    Are you flying somewhere for your holiday? Have you spoken to Dr about it. Make sure you wear compression stockings. I went to Italy last month only 1 1/2 hour flight and I still got super swollen and painful legs.

    Wishing you well,

    E x

  • Hi, I'm not telling him I'm going on holiday, I'm going twice, end August and end September that's why I was hoping to get my varicies done, but managed to get health insurance. Thanks about the stockings

    Julie xx

  • Phone the doctors secretary (ring hospital and ask to speak to Dr. Whatever's secretary).

    Put your concerns to her and she will be in the best place to see how your particular specialists clinic lists are and pass a message to him/her.

    Don't forget to register for cancellations if you are able as this can cut waiting times in half with a busy Dr.

    Hope you are sorted soon.

    Rita x

  • It is such a long way! About 2 hours so I can't do cancellations, if only x julie

  • Yes, phone secretary, that's what we do. Only problem is my Dr is on his hold for 8 weeks , that's why my appointment is 3rd august.

    Please could anyone help me? Do any of you sweat alot, if so how are you able to stop sweating so much!! Thank you xxxx

  • Hi, I'll phone by the end of the week, with ref your sweating, I wake up some morning's with my pyjamas and bedclothes soaked in persperation and it happens in winter also, so I haven't a clue why. I have fan in the house and drink plenty.

    Julie xx

  • Thank you so much for replying. Please take care xxxx

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