Hi, newbie that's confused about liver pain

Hi, newbie that's confused about liver pain

Hi I'm 40 years old my mother was an alcoholic and died when I was young to young to understand. I drink a few beers a night 4-5 times a week nothing more than most of the people I know. I've been having a pain in my right side for a few months and I think it could be my liver.im scared stiff weak livers may run in the family.

Sorry if this seems a really dumb question .

Where abouts do you get liver pain as I've seen it stated on websites the pain is bellow your ribs, but do they mean under your ribs as in if you peeled your ribs always that's were the pain is? or they mean bellow your ribs as in on your abdomen belly area??? I've also seen on many site people holding there right flank !

I've posted a picture so may be some of you could let me know where you get liver pain or if you get it in multiple places A,B,C,D,E,F

Thanks you for reading x

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  • If you have pain in multiple places which picture most fits your pain ??? 👍

  • I'd say E is probably closest. Right hand side if you place your open palm on your ribs with maybe the top joint or two of your fingers extending past your rib cage down towards your groun, you'll be about right. The liver sits roughly the area your hand is now covering. I tend to get the majority of my liver pain/ache on the part of the liver your fingertips are touching.

  • Thank you for replying I know it is a stupid question and maybe one for the doctor, but with this ongoing pain I'd thought I'd ask. My pain is more an F with the odd twinge were my ribs are. So hopfully not my liver, if liver pain is lower down. I did get a blood test that was deemed normal but I've also been told blood tests don't always pick up on a damaged liver. How do you feel now ? Best of luck to you for the future.

  • A and E, but right-hand side.

  • Thank you for getting the quick reply. I pray youre on a speedy recovery. I did have a blood test That was deemed normal . I would say my pain is were F is with the occasional light pain where the ribs are on going now for a while . So I'm thinking if liver pain is normally lower down may be it's something else.

  • That makes sense. When I was first diagnosed last year I had low sharp abdominal pain. This was because of the Acites. Fluid was building up in my abdomen because my liver wasn't processing it through efficiently. I remember going camping with my daughter and granddaughter about a week before finally going into the hospital. Every bump we hit on the dirt road caused sharp pains in my abdomen. I had to press in on my lower abdomen to try and reduce the pain. I was severely fatigued and my vision was getting blurry. My eyes and skin had also taken on a yellowish tinge. So there were some definite signs. I had figured out myself there was something wrong that was pertaining to my liver and I had already started a strict diet that was supposed to strengthen my liver. When I came back from the camping trip and went in finally to see my primary care doctor, she ordered a bloodtest the first day and an ultrasound on my abdomen the second day. I hadn't even made it home yet when I was called and told I needed to go to Emergency at the hospital. Liver enzymes were almost up to 2,000, bilirubin was at 20 and I had fluid buildup in my abdomen that needed to be drained. I really only started having the ache in the liver area after my biopsy. I was told my liver had been inflamed but no cirrhosis. My greatest concerns now are side effects which develop after long-term use of Prednisone and Azathioprine (immune suppressant). Wish I could get off the drugs and safely have my AIH treated by natural means. Working on that...

  • Hi I am an alcoholic,have not drank for 5 years also have cirrhosis,safe to say the recommended safe limit for alcohol should be adhered,but again it is also genetically related,i never once had pain in or around my liver my first indications where lose stools then one day I blow up like the Michelin man,any pain should be investigated by a doctor.good luck.


  • Really well done for not drinking abstaining for 5 years thats such a long time. I've known alcholics that never managed to quit the devils brew ! if they did they always went back to it. It takes a strong mind to Stay dry well-done👏👏👏 I know alcoholism to often gets labelled as self inflicted but it truly is a horrible sickness that was ruined so many family's. my father would say the doctors would treat my mother different as she was a heavy alcholic a bottle of vodka a day. She couldn't stop. I've been told she really tried at times to quit. The monkey on her back was just to big I guess. 😔

    When you say loose stools do you mean flakey or like water ? I've been having loser stools. How long did that go on for before your chirrosis diagnostic ?

    Also if it's ok Can I ask how old you are ? and how long you were drinking? and what sort of quantaties units per week/day? I know everybody's different genes come into play and medication,gender weight also make a difference. I'm Just curious. i pray you Keep in good health

  • Hi Darrenjammer,my stools where flakey and runney had one or two accidents(embarassing).i joined the Navy at 16 did eleven years you could say thats when i really startted drinking,it carried on when i left to the point that i felt ill without a drink,you could say i was drinking 6 tins and a bottle of vodka a day most days,not proud but it seemed to make me feel good,as for having cirhosis i probaly had it for years before the syptoms startted to show.There is alot of people out there that have it but dont know,i suppose i was unlucky they are doing research in America to see if it is genetically related of which i am part of,trying to find out why some people get cirhosis and others dont,thing is with me i have an addictive personality so that did'nt help me,hope i've been of some knowledge to you thanks for your thoughts.

  • Hi Blue Moon. Your symptoms are identical symptoms to you. I hadn't seem him for a few days and when he came to my place for dinner, I didn't recognize him. His whole body was swollen, yes just like the Michelin Man. I was stunned. After the death of someone very close to me about 30 years ago a group of us including my younger brother went out on the town. I decided, no idea why, to get a tattoo in memory of my friend. I said to my brother he should get initials on his wrist covered with something. 2 friends also got flowers or roses. BIG MISTAKE. There was no health checks for tattooist then. A week later my brother collapsed. He was diagnosed with liver damage. Then both of my girlfriends fell really I'll too. Finally, so did I. 30 years on my brother was diagnosed with hep c and b, as we're my friends I found out many years on. My brother started drinking heavily..He self destructed and was and admitted to the local hospital where he died 3 weeks later. My family were there but when they heard about the hepatitis and treated him like a leper. Broke my heart. I know I too must have the same condition but even though I feel terrible all the time and have pain I am too anxious to go to the hospital. Small town. Ever body knows everyone and lots of them work at hospital and trust me, they talk. After my families reaction to my brothers condition I can't get tested. Was put on antibiotics for flu and each time I take one the pain is horrendous. Should I stay quiet ..what should I do. Am in my fifties now with family and grandchildren whom I love dearly but have never mentioned my fear or pain. I don't drink (not for 20 years) but obviously my condition isn't going to get any better. My fear that I will be treated by family and friends like my brother was. My husband died suddenly 4 years ago from a heart attack so I live on my own in my own place. I really don't know what to do.

  • Hi carer 6,sad to hear of your condition,listen know one shakes a dead mans hand,you have to look after yourself i feel sorry for the ignorant friends and family around you, doesn't seem they have any compassion best without them,my wife is a nurse without her i would not be here i am lucky as i have lost all my so called friends,is there anyone who can help and support you though it must be hard living in a small town,i would suggest you go to your doctors and have a word with him they are profesional and understanding,make that your first step there is always an understanding ear here,take care dont let them get you down.

  • Thank you Blue Moon. Got the paperwork yesterday for bloods and scan but still don't know whether I can get them done. Your reply and support means so much. ❤

  • Firstly may I offer my condolences over the death of your mother. Sadly my Father died from cirrhosis of the liver and there's ongoing research to try and find the so-called elusive Alcohol gene. From what I understand, there aren't any pain receptors in the liver. Prior to my liver transplant I have cirrhosis of the liver which would have meant that my liver would have had to of gone through the fatty liver and fibrosis liver stage to go through these three phases without experiencing any pain. I believe however it is possible for a fatty liver to be swollen and touch another part of the body that does have pain receptors.

    It certainly wouldn't do any harm to ask your GP for a liver function test, or a fibroscan just to put your mind at rest. Try not to worry too much as the liver is a very tolerant organ, can regrow and replace any damaged areas.

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