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Was getting all the symptoms of gallstones and had an initial set of bloods taken at the gp. I then had a ultra sound scan which found no gallstones but an enlarged spleen and fatty liver. I then had another gp appointment who wanted more bloods taken then reviewed the next week. Next week came and apparently bloods ok but gap thought fatty liver route of the problem, left it at he would speak to a consultant and review in several months time

10 days later I get a haematologist appointment through, saying worry is about spleen enlargement, more bloods to be taken and check for lymphoma and blood issues, booked in for a contrast ct scan as well.

Meanwhile still having all the symptoms and pains of gall issue ! Wind, reflux and constant dull ache upper right quadrant, no night sweats, itching etc.

Currently quote worried I have a real nasty to be detected.

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  • ultra sound scan do not always pick up the gallstones and as you say you have an enlarged spleen so it could be hiding the gallbladder or the stone could in the bile duct the same as me. what you need its an m r i scan this picks up the gallstones as it picked up mine which is in the bile duct. they tried to remove it with ERCP but it was unsucseful sorry i no that word is spelled wrong but you know what i mean, i have a stent in at the moment and am getting a big 3 hour operation on wednedsay. as the stone is calcified and very big. its 23 or 24mm i forget now and the bile duct will have to be reconstructed as it will probably have to be all cut away to get the stone out. i also have whats called mirizzis's syndrome. im in lots of pain myself and many of the pains i suffer, are so weird that i wouldnt not think it was just the gallstone all my arm bones crack when i move then my neck crack. pain in upper right quadrant and round the back of the shoulder and tip of the shoulder, i also got an umblical hernia. iv had that fixed the first time they tried to remove the gallbladder in april thats when they realized that they could not find the stone and that my gall bladder had shrunk to the size of a thimble and 1/4 of my liver had shriveld and atrophied. i would definately ask for an MRI scan as if the stone is in the bile duct this is what can cause serious infection. eat a diet low in fat and no more thatn 3% fat at each meal. eat very small meals at a time as its so hard to diges food when the liver and gall bladder are compromised, get good pain killers as well from doctor and if any really bad pains come go to the hospital as this can be a serious illness, dont want to frighten you, i just want to make you aware. i also have fatty liver and chronic hepatits. all the best to you and i will follow your discussion and hope that you get some pain relief and grace.xoxoxo

  • Good luck with your operation grace, same day I am in for a ct neck to hips with some contrast to be injected. Hopefully highlight what ever it is.

    Don't think / hope it's not a nasty as otherwise feel ok.


  • thanks trev and i also hope that they find out whats wrong with you . i think they inject a dye into you to see where the problem is. good luck all the best. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi trev I'm home from hospital now it was far to much walking for me yesterday! Did your ct show up anything that was helpful in your treatments.i hope whatever it is was highlighted.keep in touch and let us know.i hope all is well. Xoxoxo

  • Hi grace, ct scan results appear to have come back clear as did the bloods. Due to my enlarged spleen the consultant wants to do the last test in the book and check my bone marrow is alright so going to have a bone barrow biopsy. He does say that he has people he reviews every 6 months that have enlarged spleens and they have had them for fifteen years plus. The spooky bit is that has never actually bothered me, but if they cannot get it reduce in 6 months time might look at removing it.

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