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Not 1 tumor but several 😦

Hi, since my last post I have seen my GP and reports from my consultant state I have several benign tumors on my liver one is the size of a large quails egg ( drs words ) he has prescribed morphine and told me my case is being discussed at MDT. I will be treated as a cancer patient even tho they think the tumors are benign I am so worried.

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Just to let you know that my hubby was put on the transplant list because of end stage cirrhosis due to Alpha 1 Anti Trypsin Deficiency. When he was called in and opened up his liver was found to have "over ten HCC Tumours" the largest nearly 3cms, not found on scans or AFP testing (cancer). Obviously they had to go ahead as they had removed the liver. This was way outside the criteria for a transplant and yet,hey, he is still here after nearly six years. A case for looking at not allowing a transplant for more than a couple or one large tumour, I would think.

So keep your pecker up be positive

Good Luck


Healdy, please don't worry - easy for me to say I know. I have now 22 tumours on m liver one is a cluster of 5cm and the other varying from .5sm to 1cm...they are also benign. I was dx with Liver Cirrhosis & Portal Vein Thrombosis back in Oct 2013. In October 2016 I was Put on the Transplant list. Since being dx I have been kept under close eye at the hospital, 2 in fact. I couldn't falter the treatment. I am not on pain relief, I've requested not, I work full time and struggle as it is without being on extra tablets (11 daily is enough for me) Write down all your questions ahead of your appointment, have a look at the BLT website, you will find lots of information there.

Try not to worry, there is nothing you can do right now besides, abstaining from alcohol/drugs, stopping smoking and eating good healthy food, reduce your salt intake and try to keep mobile, even if its just a walk everyday....

There is a helpline on the BLT website if you need to talk to someone.

Good Luck!! x


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