Can you help?

Can you help? Were you diagnosed with liver disease later than you should have been?

The British Liver Trust’s Love Your Liver campaign is just about to go on tour. A mobile screening and scanning unit will be visiting 10 liver hot spots and we will be raising awareness of the risk factors.

Can you help by being a media volunteer –if you are willing to talk about your experience of liver disease and the importance of understanding the risk factors and early diagnosis to the media please contact us. A member of British Liver Trust staff will always contact you first and support you. If you are willing to help please email with your name, telephone number and the region or town in which you live.

See here for more details about the campaign

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  • No I was diagnosed with hemochromotosis too late - at the time of the first scan there were two small nodules which they said were not active and most probably where the excess iron was stored - well two years later had tumours above 3cm and confirmed from MRI active cancer

    Would like to be a media volunteer however although a British citizen I live in the far north of Mozambique

  • Thank you for your reply, we are looking for people that could attend so would not be geographically viable. We will keep your details and contact you in the future if needed. Many thanks again.

  • I live in mid Wales, happy to help if viable

    Best wishes, julie

  • Thanks Jules, could you please contact Yvonne at the email address?

  • About 6-years ago I was living down in Neath, South Wales. My then doctor had carried out a liver function test and my liver was looking pretty poorly. I was referred to a specialist consultant at Neath hospital. He wanted to carry out a liver biopsy. After talking with my GP, he had talked me out in having the biopsy as he considered it to be a wasteful invasive surgery full of unnecessary risks. I think sometimes us patients can be totally confused. I still think about this and wonder who was right and who was wrong? It's hard to know which one to trust in a case like this.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thankyou for your reply. If you'd like to share your experiences would you like to contact Yvonne at the above email address?

  • I was misdiagnosed with primary liver cancer at 35 because I didn't have any of the risk factors of liver disease....

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply, if you'd like to share your thoughts please contact Yvonne at the above email address.

  • I emailed Yvonne, stated that I had cirrhosis, portal vein thrombosis... I live in Portsmouth 20 miles from Southampton which you have one of your road-shows at. Will there just be the BLT van or is it part of a bigger event/fairs/fetes etc? Just wondered as I could bring my family along.

  • Hi Chelle,

    Thanks for your message. The Love your Liver event is run by the BLT and during the roadshow we bring a specially equipped branded vehicle with a portable Fibroscan machine on-board to each location.

    Hopefully Yvonne will get back to you with regards to attending,

    Many thanks again,

    Best wishes,


  • She did Rebecca, she told me she would get back to me if anything came to mind...


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