I have developed a dam near constant cough along with trouble breathing . The GP Doctor said ok sent me to the pulmonary specialist they gave me a nebulizer no help he said liver is swollen and not allowing the lung to exhale. That doesn't work so Then the gastrointestinal dr has scheduled the wonderful upper GI next Monday. I never smoked so it was easy to rule out the normal problems COPD, Asthma, etc... has anyone else just up and started coughing???

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  • I had an annoying cough that hung about for a few months. Primarily after eating and when I went to bed. I spoke to gastro about it etc and they did a chest x ray, nothing. He suggested changing the time I took my omeprezanol for acid reflux which I did and it seemed to do the trick.

    Hope you get it sorted. Looks lovely wherever that photo was taken.

  • I would be tested for Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. It is an inherited disease which affects sometimes lungs and liver. I was just DX with it at 55 years old. I smoked two years (from 16-18), but was around second hand smoke growing up. My liver is jacked up from it along with fatty liver. I have a constant cough, but not overly productive. At least be tested for Alpha1 to rule it out.

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    Ould ask your consultant for a blood test for Alfa1Antytripsin defitiency, its a hireditery lung jean defitiancy basicly treated the same way Emphasima is (im almost sure its classed as a hireditory emphasyma) I was diagnosed in 2007.

    Id also request a barium xray for Silent reflux, coincidently im booked to have the proceedure due to having most of the simptoms.

    I hope this helps

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