Hi everyone hope you all keeping well. My hubby had a resection just over three years ago for a tumor 1.9 cm . Everything has been fine till a few days ago and now he has another tumour 2cm . So shocked and feel so helpless. We have four children 26-17-13 and 7 . Am so scared we are gonna lose him. He has consultation next Thursday at addenbrooks . There saying they gonna try embolization ? Has any one had this . Also he's going in on the 26 th June for three days to be assessed for a liver transplant ? Please can some one help me with information . Thanks Debbie x

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  • Hi

    With a tumor of that small size he is still in the running for a transplant. Providing he has no other health issues that would exclude him from transplant .My husbands' tumors were never found on CT or MRI because his liver was so shrunken .When they took it out they found over ten tumors in there, the largest 4 cm and many small ones. This was way over the criteria for a transplant yet they have never reappeared in his new liver, now five and a half years since, so with one that small you stand a good chance if they go down that route.

    Good Luck

    Which hospital are you attending

  • Hi love thank u for your reply am going crazy . He's going to adenbrooks Cambridge. So glad ya hubby doing well xxxxx

  • A friend of mine recently had embolization to treat a 4cm tumour. At the follow up CT scan there was no sign of the tumour.

  • Omg that's fantastic news xxxxx

  • Embolisation is a procedure where they ordinarily enter through the femoral artery and sprinkle Tace or magic dust as my granddaughter calls it. It is done under local anaesthetic with the aim being to shut off any blood supply to the tumour. I have had 6 so far and will undergo #7 in early July. I had an aborted liver transplant in November 16 and I see Professor Davidson who pioneered the embolisation and it is the perfect way to treat anyone on the transplant list or anybody who doesn't qualify due to number or size of tumours.

  • Thank you for your reply . Xxxx

  • Hi Debski,

    Has your husband been diagnosed with a liver cancer? If so, we have a publication that may be helpful to your understanding and does detail Embolisation. See here for link;

    You may also find our publication on Liver Transplantation useful to look at;

    Wishing you all the very best,


  • Thank you darling yes he has a cancer again in liver . Will look at them now . Everyone is so nice on here xxxx

  • If you ever need to talk, the British Liver Trust helpline is open Monday to friday 10-3pm on 0800 652 7330

    We are so pleased you find the forum a supportive place to visit, wishing you and your hubby all the very best,


  • Thank you that's so kind x

  • Can they not do another resection? I've had a couple of resections at Addenbrookes.

    The liver team there are very good so whatever they decide to do he will be in the best place.

    Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow.

  • Don't think so but gonna ask today thanks love x

  • How did he get on? Hope you got some answers.

  • Hi yesterday they said they was sending him for the tace on Wednesday then wait for liver once on list . Got phone call today saying they wanted to do biopsy then another call saying they want to do MRI scan instead. Am so worried, so it's a waiting game to get call for MRI scan now before they do anything . Don't k ow why they want to do MRI scan . He's stressed out big time bless him. Have not said anything to kids yet it's all just a nightmare x

  • Is it another MRI of his liver? I'm surprised they are doing another one.

    Hopefully he will get an appt quickly. I think they only do Liver MRIs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Tuesday is normally better because then you get the results on Thursday after the MDT otherwise you have to wait a week.

    Best wishes to you and your husband xx

  • Thanks love . He's not had a MRI yet xx

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