Pls be careful

Pls be careful

just a quick post to warn about cellulitis. In march i got scratched by a cat. It was a tiny mark which within hours tracked up my arm. Leeds advised A&E. Since then I've had a picc line put in and been on iv antibiotics every day. It spread to my chest. Had biopsies taken fri. Be careful near animals, bites stings walking around with nothing on your feet. It's hell. It hurts so much. If anything looks strange please go to A&E. They are more than happy due to our histories to see us quickly. The pic i will post is 2 hrs after a tiny puncture wound by the claw. I have cellulitis & non complicated sepsis. Please be careful as were promised some decent weather. Take care xx

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  • Bloody he'll, good advice. Is this reaction because of poor health from liver disease?

    You've got a ladybird on your arm too. ;)

  • yeah love lady birds 🐞. Yes we are all prone because of our compromised immune systems and the medications we are on sometimes mask the blood results. That's what they found with me. Once you get cellulitis you are prone to it they said. Just want everyone to be safe xx

  • See the real answer to this is dogs not cats. Love our black lab, allergic to cats.

  • unfortunately its any animal. This cat got spooked while i was stroking it by a guy walking a dog on an extendable lead. The cat had been missing 4 years. I did manage to reunite it with his owners. I have both cats & dogs. They warned me to be careful with my own even though they have had their injections and boosters. It's what they carry under their nails & saliva that's the risk to us. Doesn't stop me loving them all though ☺ xx 🐾🐾

  • That's right blame it on the dog :) well done for returning the car. Four years...

  • no I wasn't blaming the dog 🐶 the owner was near enough at the top of the street the lead was extendable and the dog came in my garden 6 doors down. It spooked me & the cat. it could have been worse the cat just clung to me. Hes home safe that's all that matters. I rescue cats & dogs. Never blame an animal always the owner 😂 xx

  • if you look at the pic the original scratch is the tiny bit away from where it tracked up my vein. So weird 🙃

  • You are right about being taken seriously for what for others would be a trivial wound or infection. I've been to A & E and the GP a few times now and received immediate and appropriate treatment. Where normally they don't like to oversubscribe anti-biotics, as soon as they know about the immunosuppressed status they will not hesitate.

    So far I've had small wounds straight away redden and then hurt, one did turn into cellulitis but responded very quickly to treatment.

    Thanks Sheri for reminding us all that we need to be vigilant and act with all due haste.


  • thankyou. Sorry you have had it too but its great that we are given fast treatment once our history is known. Great you have responded well. I'm just awkward i think lol. Enjoy the weather later in the week. You know this will be our usual summer 👍🏻

  • Good warning, thanks for posting!

    So glad the antibiotics worked for you with no negative impact on your liver hun.

  • thankyou. Unfortunately I'm on my 5th week of iv antibiotics being given at home by the iv team. Leeds are going to see me earlier than planned to see if they can help & check my liver. I had to have 3 skin biopsies taken from my chest on Friday to make sure there is nothing else going on. I have had to have a picc line inserted as my veins were rejecting canuela's and kept blowing. I would hate anyone else out there to have to go through all this..stay safe everyone 👍🏻

  • Hi. This happened to me after been bitten by a dog. I was protecting my own dog from being attacked. , I didn't realise until I got bk in my house and seen 3 puncture wound on my arm. Went to hospital checked and cleaned sound. 2 day's laterwent to gp as arm was swollen with a tracking going up my arm. Got sent a&e . Had cellulitis and ending up spending 5 days in hospital on iv anti-biotics My husband was told if I hadn't gone to hospital when I had things could of been very different

    Debbs 😃

  • so glad your sorted now it really does go to show how careful we have to be & how serious things can turn out xx

  • I was in hospital longer with cellulitis than I was after my transplant. Still don't know what caused it, as we don't have any pets. It just flared up after I had been out for my normal exercise walk. Couldn't walk for a week as the pain was intense.

  • so sorry to hear this. It's a tough one for us to get rid of. Could have been a simple bite or scratch that caused it. Pls take care

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